The Elemental Well is a term coined by the Seygahd Monks to refer to the natural power source existing everywhere from which Elementals and Mages can draw energy from their Elements.

Elementals have more natural control over the well than Mages do. However, mages can exact more control over the well with proper training. In this way, the energy in an area can be seen as a piece of fabric that an Elemental and a Mage, or two Mages, are fighting over. The Elementals have a pair of scissors with which to cut what portions of the fabric they want, and the Mages must use their hands to tear off what they can. Each time control is transferred, and each time some is used, the power in the area decreases.

Eventually, after enough use, the energy in the area will be depleted. Over time, the energy drawn from the area is replenished. However, during the time that it is depleted, Elementals must draw their powers from directly within themselves, which can prove dangerous.

The well is split up into fourteen sections: one for each element. Elements have more natural energy in certain areas opposed to others.

Element Strong areas Weak areas
Darkness Caves, anywhere during the night Deserts, anywhere during the day
Light Deserts, mountains Caves, forests
Fire Volcanoes, oil rich areas, charred areas Over water, stony areas
Water Over water, lush areas Deserts, mountains
Wind Plains, mountains Caves, towns, closed in areas
Earth Mountains, caves, barren areas Over water, lush areas
Death Graveyards, towns lush areas, temples
Life Lush areas, oil rich areas Barren areas, volcanoes, charred areas
Mind Towns, temples Graveyards, charred areas
Metal Mountains, caves Deserts, swamps
Time Plains, barren areas Towns, lush areas
Mystery Historical sites, anywhere during the night Barren areas, charred areas
Lightning Plains, Barren areas Mountains, over water
Force Plains, temples Towns, closed in areas

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