The Legend of the Auraius is a folktale dating back a decade before the current generation of Elementals first met. Noted a type of forest fey, the Auraius is described as resembling a child, dressed in rags with a very unusual face. The Auraius' face lacks most human features, possessing a ruby-like crystal where it's right eye should be and three horizontal slits where it's left should be. It is known as a vengeful creature, violently assaulting people who abuse others.

Origins Edit

The first recorded version of the legend was told in the village of Haysvale. A child was attacked on the outskirts of the village by a mysterious interloper, who's appearance resembled the Auraius. As news of further attacks in neighbouring towns by the creature began popping up, two links between the attacks emerged. The first link was that all the towns in which the attacks occurred bordered the forests, and second was that all the victims were known bullies. People came to conclude that the attacks were perpetrated by a fey of the forest, who had become violently enraged at the way it's victims treated others. A mark also began appearing, embedded in the walls of the victim's homes. An angry, staring eye.