The Magician's Last Show is a short story about Kard Harss's last magic show and tells of how he dies told by someone who had witnessed the event as a child.

So, I was walking around the streets of Tailos at the age of seven, bored out of my mind. Most my friends were busy and I was left alone with nothing to do in town. I was about to just head home when I heard the cheer of a crowd just around the corner. Curious, I went to investigate.

Turning the corner, I was almost baffled at what I saw; mostly because I somehow hadn't known about it until now. A crowd of people surrounded a man and a woman who were up on some sort of stage. The man, however, wasn't an ordinary man; he was a magician!

He did the common tricks that a magician usually does; card tricks, disappearing acts, pulling rabbits out of hats, the works, but his more impressive tricks were ones done with volunteers from the crowd. I don't remember them all that much, but I remember my mind being blown at the time!

Eventually, the magician announced that the show was going to be ending soon. I, of course, was saddened by this fact. I didn't want it to end, I wanted to keep seeing the man's amazing tricks, but I inevitably accepted the fact as I had no real say in the matter.

But, the magician followed up this announcement with another one, saying he will be performing one last trick before he left. This trick, he claimed, was one of his best tricks. A trick many have tried to mimic to no avail. A trick only he could do. I was intrigued, and so was the rest of the audience.

His assistant, the woman I had mentioned earlier, brought out a small cage that had a sheet over it, which the magician pulled off to reveal a crow inside the cage.

After a few murmurs in the audience subsided, the magician closed his eyes and began to mouth words that didn't make sense to me. I assumed they were in some other language, or maybe even some sort of ancient tongue.

After a bit of the magician just standing there, the assistant opened the cage, letting the bird fly out. At the same time, the magician's hand went up, and it began following the bird's flight path. I was impressed, not that he was able to follow the flight path, but that he was able to do it while his eyes remained shut.

After about half a minute of the bird just flying around and the magician following its path, the bird simply fell out of the sky and down to the ground. I looked back at the magician to see he had closed his hand into a fist.

Someone from the crowd went to check on the bird and revealed to the audience that the bird was dead. It didn't appear to have any wounds, so the cause of its death wasn't known. Or was it?

We all had turned back to look at the magician, who appeared to have a smile on his face. He then announced that he had indeed killed the bird and that that was his trick. I was baffled. How? How was he able to do it? Kill a bird in the sky without any visible wounds? It was amazing.

But then I remembered; that was to be his last trick. The magician repeated what he had said before about the show coming to an end. The crowd was saddened. The most amazing thing in the world was over.

The magician then held up his hand and threw it down. At that moment, a cloud of smoke engulfed him completely, masking his presence. A loud thud was heard afterward accompanied by a scream.

The smoke cleared to reveal the magician on the floor. A single arrow stuck out of his back around his heart. He was dead.

This, sadly, was The Magician's Last Show.

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