The Order of the Red Thorn is a faction in the world of Darkening Stars that is actively hunting the Elementals.

Origin Edit

The Order was formed with the intent of wiping out the Elementals permanently.

Beliefs Edit

The Order of the Red Thorn believes that Elementals are evil incarnate, sent by primordial forces of evil to stir the world into chaos. They hunt down and kill Elementals, thinking that they are cleansing the world of demonspawn.

Their belief system is centred around a monotheistic religion. Recruits are taught that Elementals are the children of the Devil, whom they name Abbadon. These recruits are trained in the arts of locating, interrogating, and executing Elementals.

The Order also has a hatred for Mages, who they almost see as worse than Elementals. This Hatred extends towards any organisations who help Mages, such as The Coalition of Mages and the Seygahd Monks.

Leadership Edit

The Order's Leadership is split between the ruling council of thirteen. Each member of the thirteen is vested with an immense amount of power over the Order's twelve districts. Several of the Order's councillors wield magic, however, they rarely use it. The leader of the council often traverses the Order's territories, leaving the day to day duties to the district's leading councillors.

Intelligence Edit

They send special intel gatherers, referred to as Inquisitors, to locate Elementals.

Language Edit

<to be edited by Toreador>

Headquarters Edit

The Order has a regional headquarters, referred to as a Cathedral, on almost every continent. Their main headquarters are located somewhere to the east.

The Cathedral for Entherstia is in Tailos.

Weapons Edit

The order uses fear toxins for interrogation, these toxins take awhile -usually three hours- to completely sink in.

Notable Members Edit

The Captain- Edit

The leader of the Order's garrison in Macaria.

The Master- Edit

The leader of the Order's Macaria branch. Superior to the Captain.

Ranks Edit

<to be edited by Toreador> However, the Order has an additional rank. This is Inquisitor. Inquisitors operate outside of the normal chain of command. The duty of an Inquisitor is to locate Elementals by gathering intel, or by stealing it from the Swordsmen.

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