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“Remember, I can see the future of anyone I please, including you.”
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Beatrice Ravenshaw, known most as The Raven in the criminal world, is an assassin sporting a metallic beaked mask. She has a reputation for her brutality in killing her targets, inflicting many cuts and stab wounds and essentially letting them bleed out. She has been hired by Hark to track down and kill Juliet Harss.


Beatrice wears dark leather armor over most of her body, as well as some metal armor pieces in a few places, such as her right shoulder and left arm. On each of her fingers of her left hand, she has metal claws resembling long nails that can be manually retracted. She wears a black bandana and her signature metallic mask that covers her entire face, say for her eyes, which have goggles over them. Under her mask, she has short black hair cut down to her scalp. Some parts of her armor have black feathers sticking out of it. She carries two short swords on her left hip and a dagger on her right, as well as a few throwing knives across her chest.


  • Being from Tralena, Beatrice understands and can speak Tralian (French) fluently.
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