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    • Be realistic
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    • Don't control others
      (Mind is excepted with special permission.)
    • You can't know everything
      (Mystery excepted.)
    • One main character per account
      (Plot device characters excepted.)
    • Keep any shipping appropriate
      (Hugging, kissing, et cetera.)
    • FUN
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    Please place all applications on the Character Applications Board.


    New Character Template
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    • Full name:
    • Race:
    • Age, sex, and gender:
    • Appearance:
    • Personality:
    • Two strengths:
    • Three flaws:
    • Family:
    • Backstory:
    Elemental Inheritance Template
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    • Character:
    • Family:
    • Explanation:
    Notes to follow when you are making your application
    • Element must be available
      • Mind
    • Name cannot be silly. A pun can be excused, but "Zoosmell Pooplord" just isn't going to fly.
    • Race must be applicable
      • Mind: Human, Sheep
    • No young children or elders
      • Must be between 18 and 50, give or take depending on race.
    • Sex and gender must be realistic
      • Keep to male/female for the sex, and generally accepted terms for the gender.
      • If you would like clarification on what is "generally accepted", speak to someone in chat.
    • A picture would be lovely for the appearance section, but is not mandatory. Description is king.
    • Personality must be in five traits.
      • List and then explain how each of the traits fit.
      • No synonyms. You can't get away with "nice, kind, friendly"
    • Two strengths and three flaws are MINIMUMS.
      • Add as many as are applicable, but please keep a general balance between the two.
      • Strengths should be skills, or something they have physical prowess in that is not guaranteed by their race.
      • Flaws should be a mix of physical weaknesses, mental weaknesses, social weaknesses, et cetera.
    • List family both alive and dead, out a couple generations.
      • You don't need to give a whole detailed family tree and history, but we should have some idea of their setup in life.
    • For the backstory, realism and research are mandatory.
      • If the character does not or cannot fit the lore of the story they will not be accepted under any circumstances.

    • In the Elemental Inheritance application...
      • You must include enough of a family tree to prove that the character is possibly related to the Element you seek.
      • You must provide an explanation as to why the Element would choose your character.
        • All Elements will be more likely to choose someone who is a part of the group rather than someone in another area. They want the plot to work out as much as we do.
        • Mind prefers hosts to be as young as possible.
      • Mages cannot become Elementals.
      • Keep in mind that this form is shorter, but you should be aiming to have a lot of solid and logical explanation in it.It's easy to make a character fit the bill, but making the bill fit a character takes some doing.

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    • In Freesilia, Dark would’ve gone around to Momo and Yumo, Fionn, and Wisp and invite them to stay at Harss Manor while in Harknest. He would avoid Hugh while doing this, not wanting him to come, and he didn’t invite Sub and Raole due to him not knowing them well enough. He’d not invite Xil for obvious reasons. Zoe would offer June a place to stay in the form of Anderson Manor, where Zoe and Sarah stay while they are in Harknest.

      Harknest Outskirts: Day 1: Afternoon

      The carriages arrived at the outskirts of Harknest, making their way toward the main gates, passing by some houses. They stopped at the gates, the carriage drivers announcing their arrival at Harknest. The somewhat large group proceeded to exit the carriages. Upon exiting the carriages, Dark and Zoe lead the group toward the gate. Standing outside of the gate were two women, one wearing blue marks and a canteen around her hip, Thalia Spencer, and the other wearing orange marks and gloves, Natalie Anderson. There were also some masked Swordsmen on the wall patrolling. Zoe and Sarah join the Elites. Once they were all situated, Natalie began to talk.

      “Welcome to Harknest, Elementals, home of the Swordsmen, who you’ve been improperly acquainted with,” Natalie states. She put her fingers up to her temple as she started reading the minds of the people Zoe was unsure about.

      “Because we don’t usually get a large group of Elementals coming in here, we’ll need to establish ground rules before you can enter,” Thalia says.

      “The lot of you able to use your powers to harm others are prohibited from using those powers,” Zoe states firmly.

      “That means: no fire, no tornadoes, no lightning, no earth slides, no nothing,” Thalia lists, counting each power on her fingers.

      Natalie takes her fingers off her temple. “If you’re caught, depending on the severity of the crime, you will either be imprisoned or outright executed. So, don’t try it.”

      “You will all be watched closely while inside these walls, so don’t think you can get away with anything,” Thalia adds.

      “We’re also required to let you know about the non standard laws of Harknest,” Zoe states.

      “Firstly, wearing masks around town is prohibited. Unless you are a Swordsman, you aren’t allowed to wear your masks,” Natalie says.

      “Honestly, you can get away with it pretty easily as it’s not the most enforced law, but it avoids a lot of hassle if you just don’t as we’re required to ask you to take it off if we catch you wearing one,” Thalia says.

      “Secondly, if you see little metal hatches around town that are locked, don’t touch em. Those lead into the catacombs, where corpses are buried, so you won’t want to go down there anyway” Zoe says.

      “And that’s it! We can go inside now!” Sarah says excitedly. The three Elites nod their head in agreeance as they move out of the way to let the group enter. Zoe and Sarah would break off from the three to follow June. The carriages would start moving as well through the gate, heading toward the carriage installment inside Harknest. As the group would walk into the city, they may notice the large amount of cats and humans walking from place to place.

      Before Dark could rejoin the group he was stopped by Natalie. Xil was also stopped, though he was stopped by Thalia instead. “Not so fast.”

      “Hey, you okay, Connor?” Natalie says to Dark.

      “Yeah I’m… I’m fine.”

      “Well, you took the news better than I thought you would, then,” Natalie says.

      Dark nods, looking a bit sad.

      “Anyways, Tybalt’s not in today, out visiting Navv, but he’ll be back tomorrow, got it?”

      “Yeah, got it,” Dark says.

      “Good. Now go catch up to your group. They’re gonna need a navigator,” Natalie says.

      “Right…” Dark says. He runs to catch up to the group.

      After Dark left, Natalie joined Thalia, the two of them wanting to have a chat with Xil.

      (BTW, Ogs, Sub has to pay the other half of the payment for the carriage ride. The place to pay would be where the carriages are heading

      Tam said so.)

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    • Fionn would have been rather quiet and distant during the trip to Freesillia but agreed to stay with Dark none the less after a little convincing. 

      Fionn would remain raither quiet and simply look at the scenary as they arrive on Harknest. As they are stopped at the gate in Harknest, Fionn would pay close attention to the instructions and quietly nod after each one. As they are let go into Harknest Fionn would bow before walking away, staying close to Mira as they walk into the town.

      Xil would have minded his own business during the trip, pretty much ignoring everyone but Mira, though he would have seemed somewhat busy and thoughtful at some points. 

      As they arrive in Harknest Xil wouldn't seem very amused, crossing his arms and swinging his tail impaciently as the rules of harknest are dictated to the group. Xil would seem ready to walk away as the group is let in, he would first seem annoyed as he is stopped by Thalia but as she speaks a mischievous smile would appear on his face. "Hmm? Ah, wait, I get it, you just saw me and you just couldn't resist wanting to touch these muscles huh? Go ahead, its cool, I don't mind." He says as he flexes his arms for the coyote.

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    • Mira had decidedly tried to avoid Xil on the first day of travel, but had warmed up to him again on the second day. Over the course of travel, she had tried to rekindle a friendship with Hugh.

      Upon arrival, Mira couldn't help but roll her eyes at some of the rules. Most noticeably, the catacombs rule. 'Who would even want to go down there?' she thought as she heard it.

      When the group left the front gates, and Dark and Xil were pulled aside, Mira waited several paces back from them. When Dark was released, Mira jogged to catch up, but didn't do so fast enough to lose Fionn. She tried to keep pace with the wolf as much as possible.

      When they made it inside the city and had a real chance to look around at the architecture and the people, she broke out into a wide smile. It was like a bigger version of Chalice, with the people of Prince, and the adventure of everywhere else she had traveled over the last month. Maybe two months? She was losing track of time, but found she didn't really mind.

      June had graciously accepted Zoe's offer of a place to stay in Harknest. When they got there, she listened patiently to all of the rules set out for them, and briefly wondered how much trouble they would give her if she teleported around. She pushed the thought far from her mind as soon as she had it though.

      Although she was the first of the trio to walk into the city, she very quickly gave control back to Zoe. As was well traveled as she was, she had never been to Harknest and knew nothing about the city's layout.

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    • (I should probably say that everyone replies once and then I reply signifying that you all can reply. Same as when we went to the library in Vile Root)

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    • Raole would keep quiet through the entire journey, he could see that Xil wasn't up for any talk and didn't even dare to say a word.

      When the carriages finally arrived at the gates, Raole got out and proceeded to listen to the rules. He heard one of the women say 'Elementals' and already knew that he was travelling with some, but when he heard the other woman, a coyote say 'a large group of Elementals' he knew there was more to it than just a few. Nonetheless he payed attention to what was said and then moved on into Harknest making sure to stay close to the rest of the group. He started counting in his mind how many elementals he had knowledge of... "One counting with the big wolf, Sub... Two with the other wolf hm... Fionn was it? And three with the rabbit Hugh... And of course Falaos, but he left..."

      He would continue walking next to the others still in thought. "I wonder who else in this group is an elemental?"

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    • Sub would wonder where Liam disappeared to during the Freesilia, although he had mostly spent his time indoors most of the times and only getting out when the carriage was ready to go. He would pay the carriages' remaining fee as they arrived.

      He wondered how big the group was at the moment as he heard Thalia mention elementals, counting those who he remembered, "Was Dark one? That's 4?" He glanced at Fionn "Emerald had the same last name"  And looked towards Will "Why is there always a single dragon in our group? Guess we aren't that big anymore..." Thinking of the times before Max and Falaos left, he pushed those thoughts away as he entered Harknest, going to his usual routine of finding the closest decent inn. Looking around the city and taking notes, the only other city he's been is Ironberg so that's all he has to go by, although everything feels different, the most notable aspect is how the atmosphere is, he feels a bit more at ease.

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    • Apart of a really light chit-chat with Mira, Hugh spent most of the travel lost in deep thought. For the first part, he had still been upset about his last discussion with Fionn -who he hadn't said a word to since, except maybe a few blessings and thanks when the rabbit was sneezing-. The second part of the travel, Hugh felt the same as Mira, and actually wanted to keep chatting with her, but his mind seemed to wander a little too often, and Hugh came back to silence, staring off the the left side of the carriage, where he had been sitting.

      He of course thought about Falaos and Liam, and simply asked the three anthros that were travelling with him if they had seen them in a while. That's when the rabbit acknowledged he hadn't been sleeping at all since that dream-y night in Zeeb, as his whole carriage had been asleep since long, while he had been staring at the white horizon.

      Then came the last part of the trip, where Hugh would try to change his mind and analyse when he had seen in his previous dream. He had fallen on the conclusion that it wasn't a foresight nor a passed event, but actually a present view of his parents' life. The fact his father was alive was really hard for Hugh to understand, though.

      Upon arrival, he would snicker at Mira's reaction to the rules, mistaking her eye-roll with what the coyote anthro said, and reply with a rusty voice: "W-Who can even hope keeping an eye on you, anyway, heh?"

      Despite his mood being a little better, the rabbit felt that Mira, Fionn and Dark had formed a sort of group he wasn't included in. He had tried catching up with them, but when that thought hit him, he simply let them go, and started to follow the carriages until the stalls they would be staying at.

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    • Etty stuck close to Lu as they made their way through the town, holding a hand over her face. She looked around curiously, staring at the houses and gardens, then huffed. She'd seen better. Prettier. What she hadn't seen was...

      "Lu!" she exclaimed, and she tugged on her sister's hand. "Isn't that Mister Ostermann over there?" She recognized him as a man who'd come to dinner to visit with their father a few times, before... everything.

      When offered a place to stay at the Harss estate, Wisp flustered, tail swishing behind him. He was made shy and feeling flattered by the offer, and gratefully accepted. He'd never been to Harknest before, despite how well-traveled he was, so he was more than glad to have a place to stay.

      When the carriages arrived at the city, Wisp was one of the ones out first, for once. He hastened out of the carriage to make room for the others to exit, then tucked his wings and tails in close and stuck to the outside of the group to keep out from underfoot.

      The rules listed did make Wisp nervous, though. He had been thinking, on the trip, about his supposed Elemental status. And he'd been noticing a lot more static on himself lately... although maybe that was just paranoia. And lightning had to be something you could only summon if you meant to, right? Everything should be fine. He'd be okay.

      He pushed away the thoughts and followed, slowly, into the city.

      Meanwhile, one of the carriage drivers called out to the group. "Hey! Make sure one of you comes to pay your end-of-journey! I'll come find you soon if you don't!"

      ((i hope it sends this time...))

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      Thalia would glare at Xil and move the earth under Xil's feet to make him stumble. "Shut it," she says, then looking at Nat who was walking over to the two. Her hand was on her temple as she was informing a squad of Specialist Swordsmen who they'd be following via telepathy.

      Dark would look behind him to see Mira and Fionn jogging toward him. He stops to let them catch up easier. "Hey," he says to the two as they got close enough.

      Zoe and Sarah caught up with June. "Ello, luv," she greets. Sarah was too busy looking around the place and waving to the people walking around too greet.

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    • Wisp took advantage of Dark's slowing to slink along behind Mira and Fionn to join the group himself. He hung awkwardly towards the back, shy and twitchy, unsure if he was allowed to come with but not sure what else to do or where else to go. He wasn't sure how to ask any of those questions, either.

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    • (Edited my reply above to include payment)

      Sub noticed that the group was splitting up, he didn't bother to ask why. He noticed Raole and Hugh not being a part of it and decided to offer them a room, "Do you need a place to stay? I can pay for the room if you don't mind."

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    • Momo's thoughts were primarily crowded by the rules. If she used her abilities with no intention to harm others, would that be allowed? She decided not to do it, just to be sure. One of the things she doesn't want to happen right now was to be executed due to her impulsiveness in nature. She looked around the spots of Harknest, sincerely had no idea where to go. She noticed that there seemed to be members currently absent in the group as well, much to her concern. 

      Yumo, on the other hand, didn't seem to be disturbed by anything aside from the fact that they mentioned that they're watching everything they do, which if they generalized it properly, that included him. He doesn't really worry much about anything else, since he doesn't apply in any of the rules, and he had no interest in messing with random metal objects. "Look at all the cat people...", he muttered while watching felines come and go. He has never seen an amount of cats in his life.

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    • "Oh, um, hi." Fionn would answer back gently. Fionn would continue to walk just a bit behind Mira and Dark, he would sneak a little look around to see if anyone else is coming along, only noticing Wisp joining in so far. Fionn would move a bit more to the side as he partially turns to Wisp, he'd smile meekly and give the dragon a small bow as he clearly leaves some room for Wisp to walk ahead of him.

      "Woah! Hey!" Xil lets out as his footing gets shook, shuffling a bit and widening his stance to avoid taking a dive at the solid ground, "Geez talk about unstable.." He mutters as he composes himself. "Hey, look, if you aint looking to get some of this then just hurry up and tell me what you want, I'm no mage so no 'dangerous destructive powers' to worry about, I think masks are for pathetic cowards so you won't see me wearing trash like that and like fuck do I want to go see the rotting corpses of some nobodies. I aint planning on breaking your oh-so-great rules at all, I'm just passin through and minding my own buisness so, are we done?" He would say, crossing his arms as he clearly becomes impacient about being held up over seemingly nothing.

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    • Interrupted on his way, following the carriages until the stalls they would be staying at, Hugh turned to hear that Sub was indeed -and it wasn't a dream- offering a place to stay. He jogged towards him and Raole, smiling a little warmly. He caught a glimpse of June, Zoe and Sarah on his left, suddenly remembering he had planned to visit the city together with the little girl. But the rabbit guessed it would be for another time, and just to cut the suspense he would later look through time just to know if they would meet in Harknest soon.

      But first thing to do was answering to the tall wolf: "Why yes, of course, Sylvan! Thank you for offering." The rabbit felt a little flustered as he didn't really have anything to pay back, and asked about it immediately. "I mean... I don't mind, but is it alright with you? I don't have anything on me..."

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    • Raole heard the big wolf as well and didn't waste time at giving him a response. "Yes Sub that is so kind of you to offer a place to rest, I appreciate."

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    • "I think it is!" Lu said happily. "Well done, Etty." She picked up her sister and rested her on her hip, then walked over to Mr. Ostermann.

      The man noticed the two, and his face fell, then brightened, then fell again. He knew before they even got to him what they were going to ask for, and he knew he couldn't deny them.

      "Hi!" Mira said in greeting to Dark. She remained mostly oblivious to Wisp joining the small troupe, being much too focused on absorbing the city around them. She was quite happy to drink in the sights and smells as they walked.

      "Hello there. So, Want to give me a tour?" June asked, looking around the city, slightly intimidated by the new terrain, but not letting on to it.

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    • "Hey Wisp," Dark would say as the dragon joined their small group. He'd then look beyond the group and notice three Swordsmen tailing them through the crowd. "Huh, they weren't kidding about the whole 'watched closely' part."

      "I said, shut it," Thalia repeated as Natalie joined the coyote and tiger.

      "Thank you, Thalia, you may leave if you wish," Natalie says to the coyote.

      "I'd rather stay," Thalia says simply.

      Natalie nods in acceptance then turns to Xil. "State your name, please," she'd say to the tiger.

      What do you think? He a Mystery? Thalia would think.

      No, Zoe said the cat anthro was the Mystery Elemental, and unless he's lying he's no mage. It's something else, enchantment probably, Nat would respond to Thalia's thoughts.

      "Of course, luv," Zoe says, walking toward the shady side of Harknest for a second before stopping and thinking and then turning toward the wealthy district and walking that way, pulling Sarah along. "First though we should leave our things off at the Manor!"

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    • Sub turned his head and gave Hugh a reassuring smile, "Hey, you don't need to repay me, the best acts are the ones where you expect nothing in return." He then gives him a playful wink. "Besides, it's not like I'm losing anything." 

      He looks forward. "Now, we just need to find a place a eat and sleep, maybe a clothing store, I've been wearing this for awhile now and I'm starting to smell something."

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    • Wisp flustered a bit at being so readily included, smiling shyly and choosing to walk beside Fionn, not ahead of him. "Hi," he said quietly. Dark's remark made Wisp look around frantically and hunch in on himself. He was nervous.

      "I wish they wouldn't be so..."

      Wisp trailed off and shook his head. It might be a bad idea to say what he was thinking. "Never mind."

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    • "A clothing store? I think that is a good idea Sub. You dont mind if we accompany you, do you?" Raole asked. "I am sure you could use a little help at choosing some new clothes."

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    • Hugh shrugged, containing a giggle as the Metal bearer just mentioned how easy it was for him to make money. "Ah, alright," he said, a honest and happy smile spreading on his face. "And I'm only assuming I'll tag along for the shopping, but I'm not ready to buy anything, I warn you both." He waved his finger next to his head, as to prove his resolve.

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    • Fionn would continue walking alongside the small group seemingly a bit lost in thought as he does. After a few moments he would speak up, "Um, excuse me, Dark? Um.. If Its ok for me to ask, is this everyone who you invited to stay over?.." He says, playing nervously with his fingers as he asks the question.

      "Name's Xil Tigris and I have things I need to do so, is that all?" Xil says looking quite impacient.

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    • "So... what do we do now...?", Yumo asked, confused as he looked at his sister. Momo noticed the small groups divided around.

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    • "Ahh, no," Dark says, stopping and looking around the streets for the Tweedsleys. "I invited Momo and her brother as well. Have you seen them?"

      "About those things," Natalie says. She pulls out a clipboard from the bag she has hung over her shoulder and starts writing something down, presumably Xil's name. (I should've had her do this last reply but didn't for some reason so now it's here! :D ) "What are your reasons for being with this group? You're not an Elemental, and based on what I've heard, you're not very liked by the other members."

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    • "Well, I can admit that I'm not the best at fashion sense." He said to Raole putting his hand behind his head. "As you can see right now. So maybe a little, or maybe =a lot of help wouldn't hurt." 

      He stopped speaking for a bit "Well, once we get to the inn, should we just eat there or do you guys have somewhere else in mind?" Sub asked the two.

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    • "I believe we're free to go! Just... Not the catacombs!" He let out a soft laugh. "I don't mind following both of you everywhere, as long as we stay as a group..." He turned away for a moment. "And I assume it's only the three of us for now?"

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    • "I'm pretty sure they just got out and started wandering," Mira said. "But I'm sure they'll find us at some point before nightfall. Momo can talk in your mind, after all." She stopped herself for a moment. "I'm not sure whether or not anyone actually told me that.

      "Oh yes, of course," June agreed, and readily followed.

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    • "Yes, I guess..." Raole answered Hugh.

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    • Wisp looked at Mira in surprise. "What do you mean?" he ventured, curiosity winning out over anxiety.

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    • "Oh.. Right.. I forgot she can do that.." Fionn would add softly. "Don't think, don't think, don't think.." He would repeat to himself in his head.

      "Ok, first off what are you talking about, what the heck is an elemental?

      Secondly, my reason to be with this group is because I feel like it and most importantly none of your buisness." Xil would say, beggining to tap his foot impaciently.

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    • "Mira has this thing where she'll randomly know something," Dark explains to Wisp. "Her Element causes it I think. Right?"

      "Mmm, right," Natalie says, writing stuff down. "Would your reasoning have anything to do with the bounty you're currently carrying out? The 'Masked Rogue'?"

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    • Hugh hid the bitterness of being separated from the bigger group with a shrug. His instinct would always lead the rabbit to choose the bigger group to feel safer, but given his and Sub's abilities, he assumed the three would be alright. They had to, now, anyway.

      "Where do you think we should head to first? I am really bad at directions in such narrow streets, I'm more of an open field runner, if you ask me!" He chuckled and let his gaze wander from groups of townspeople to other little crowds of cat anthros, before coming back to looking at Raole and Sub.

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    • "Well, walking in a straight line, turning left at the end to the next street and doing it again never hurts in a city, it's hard to get lost when you do it like that," Sub suggested jokingly. "But a clear map would definitely help" (Aifru, where's teh street map)

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    • "You think we could try to ask for directions?" the rabbit tilted his head while looking at the wolf anthro, his thumb rubbing against his buck teeth.

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    • "Yeah, I think so," Mira confirmed for Dark. "As for Momo, since she's the Mind Elemental, she can speak to people without actually speaking to them. I'm not so sure how that actually works though. I think she has to be really focusing on it."

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    • Fionn would continue walking alongside quietly, simply listening to the conversation.

      "What part of 'none of your buisness' did you not understand?" Xil answers back hastily.

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    • "Sure" Sub decided to ask any nearby bystander on directions for Harknest or a clear map. (Anyone want to be the bystander for another conversation?)

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    • (Flips coin)

      The nearby bystander, a female Birman cat anthro, giggled and pointed at a building across the street from where they stood. The building had a sign on it reading "Nest's Tree Inn".

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    • Hugh pointed at it as if it wasn't obvious enough. "Look, Sylvan! It's probably an Inn we will be able to stay in!" He cheered, and thanked the cat anthro with a little bow and by joining his hands together. "We could explore the city a little more just to find somewhere to eat, after dropping our stuff, as you suggested, though, Sub." The rabbit added, smiling.

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    • (Hint: Fletcher's Family Diner is across from Nest's Tree, and since they're across from Nest's Tree, then it's on the same side as they're now.)

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    • "That's... really neat," Wisp said to Mira, eyes wide. He wrung his hands absently, then asked. "I'm... supposed to be the... the Lightning Elemental, right?" His wings fluttered uncertainly. "At the library... My scroll said something about Mind not being my friend, or... something like that..."

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    • "Well.... uh." Sub forced a smile to hide his embarrassment. "That solves our sleeping problem," he looked around for more signs, seeing a diner sign right next to the building. "Well, there happens to be diner nearby as well, maybe you should start reading more."

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    • "I dunno," Dark says. "The last Lightning was a dragon so it'd make sense," Dark says unsurely. "Maybe Nat would know..." he adds about the Mind thing.

      "Mmmm," Nat says, writing something down. "Thalia."

      Thalia nods. "You're being put down as a potential risk. Don't do anything stupid in Harknest unless you want to have another chat with someone less likely to tolerate your attitude."

      (fuck u ogs)

      When the Sub's back was turned, the cat anthro had run off to join her friends who were watching the conversation. When Sub would turn around he'd be asking the air.

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    • Fionn would send a coy look in Wisp's direction as the dragon mentions the scrolls, shortly after directing his eyes towards the floor shyly. "I um.. If I recall correctly, the scroll that was given to me said something about needing 'Mind' for one of.. um.. My? Powers?.. Something about giving life to uhh.. Roaming gol.. golems? I'm not sure if I can really do something like that though..." Fionn would add to the conversation shyly, still not looking directly at anyone but a bit more willing to talk than before.

      "Oh gee, am I hurting your feelings? Aww you poor thing, its not like I have a reason to be upset right? I Mean, its not like I'm being held up without any kind of proper explanation and a good reason." Xil would say very sarcastically as he exaggerates his gestures. "I said it before and I wont repeat it a third time, I am passing through, I couldn't care less about this place and anyone in it so no, I have absolutely no intention to get involved in anything here and if you don't like my attitude then try not being such shitty hosts, now, I'm going to go into the city and mind my own buisness, don't bother me again unless you have an actual good reason." He says and starts to walk away as soon as he finishes clearly not caring for any further commentary from the two.

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    • Hugh squeaked and looked at the wolf, playfully offended: "H-Heeeyy! I hadn't seen it, you know? And neither had you, anyway!" the rabbit said, narrowing his eyes before lowering his voice, still talking to Sub directly. "If I knew how to, I'd pinch your ears and you wouldn't even know how or when~"

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    • (Crap, I meant to see "we" instead of "you" and now I accidentally offended Hugh, whoops XD)

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    • (Good job, ya goof xD)

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    • "You would need to grow up some more to get to Sub's size and pinch his ears though Hugh." Raole said while imagining in his head the rabbit being as big as the wolf. "Anyway let's go, I am starving... And I bet you guys are as well." He said to both.

      (Lel sorreh bois I was distracted :p)

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    • "Relax, that was a joke, sorry about that Hugh." Sub apologized. "Well, Raole is right, let's eat before we look around, I haven't gotten anything since that carriage trip."

        Loading editor
    • Hugh answered both at the same time: "Oh I'm fin-" And got interrupted as his stomach growled rather loudly. He hadn't had a meal for a few days either, and actually never noticed it until now. He looked at the diner, his nostrils flared wit hunger. "By all the gods I need to eat something." He simply stated, gave a nod to the two others, and walked towards the door.

        Loading editor
    • Mira thought for a moment about what Fionn had said. "That sounds like an interesting idea. I had never thought of actually combining our powers before. I thought it was just each of us bringing something to the table. But if the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, that'd be pretty cool."

        Loading editor
    • "I bet Fionn and I would make a combo," Dark jokes.

      Thalia moves toward Xil, starting to raise the ground up in front of him to make a wall but is stopped by Natalie. "Let him be. He'll be followed, remember," Natalie states.

      "Mm, right," Thalia replies.

      Natalie informs a nearby specialist using her telepathy, one of the ones who had been assigned to tail the group members, to follow Xil. The specialist does so as soon as she spots Xil, keeping a bit of distance from him but not enough to lose him in the afternoon crowd.

      If Sub, Hugh, and Raole all were to enter Fletcher's, they'd be greeted by a short female cat anthro. "Good afternoon! Just the three of you?"

        Loading editor
    • Fionn would seen somewhat confused as Mira speaks and would seem suddenly surprised as Dark makes his comment. "W-we would?" He asks clearly missing the joke.

      Xil would walk into the town, simply wandering around looking at the place.

        Loading editor
    • "Well someone's hungry,"  He thought as he followed Hugh, hearing how loud his stomach growled, as he entered the door, he answered the anthro "Yes, it's just the three of us."

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    • Paradox.XXIV
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    • (Ah yeah no, Para, you enter, the waitress greets you at the door, and she takes you to your seat. Hugh doesn't choose a seat :P )

      "Alrighty! Right this way," the cat anthro says, leading the Hugh, Raole, and Sub to an empty table and giving them each a menu which mostly contained various kinds of pancakes. "Drinks?"

      "Yeah," Dark says. "You know, 'Life and Death'? Opposites?"

        Loading editor
    • (w e l p)

      The rabbit followed hastily, and smiled at the waitress. "Thank you dearly, and yes! I'd like some soup to go with some bread, if I may." He looked around the menu for a few more seconds, and his gaze stopped on a line in the middle of the page. He pressed his slender finger on it, and asked again. "Oh! I see you've also got some oat and banana pancakes?"

        Loading editor
    • Sub skimmed through the menu, mostly indecisive about which to choose, he went back to the first page, closed the menu and ordered a sizable amount of the plainest thing on it "4 plates of plain pancakes please? And a cup of water I guess."

        Loading editor
    • Raole followed the waitress as well, sitting on the table and getting a look at the menu. He decided to go with the same as Sub because in the end he just wanted to eat something. "I will have some plain pancakes as well please... Oh, and simple water." Raole said.

        Loading editor
    • "Oh, I'm sorry sir, we don't serve any soups, only juices, milk, tea, and water," the cat anthro lists. She was then surprised by the three ordering their food. "Oh, um, I don't- I'm not the one who takes your food order, I just show you to your table and get you drinks," she says, awkwardly laughing.

        Loading editor
    • (wtf is this lame diner where we can't even roleplay the way we want xD)

      Hugh frowned as she laughed, rather disappointed they didn't have any hot beverage other than tea. He mumbled that he shall then take a cup of hot plain water, and green tea leaves in a smaller cup, on the side. He only saw his mother do this at home, and surely would enjoy the familiar scent of the leaves, even if not infused with the water. "I... I guess it's fine, but what about the one who takes the orders, if it's not too much to ask?" he said softly to the cat anthro.

        Loading editor
    • (It's not a lame diner! It's realistic! Not every restaurant has every food ever! And she's a hostess, not a waitress! DDD:<

      Besides this is no different than the Tea Shop in Vile Root. There we were brought to our seats by a hostess, and we were only able to order things a Tea Shop would sell :P )

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    • "Oh well, sorry about that, we're not exactly used to this type of thing." He said, slightly embarrassed. 

        Loading editor
    • "Well that was embarassing on our part miss. I guess hunger really messes with our heads. Forgive us for that." Raole says.

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    • (We pointed out main characteritis in chat and since Para you dun go in chat at this time cause u in bed here :P


      "Oh, I see," the hostess says. "Well, I'll be back with drinks in a bit," she adds, leaving the table and going to the kitchen. On the way she walked passed the waitress. "Hey, sis, the people at that table, with the rabbit and wolf, want you now."

      "Oh, impatient aren't they?" the waitress says, looking at the table and then back to her sister.

      "Indeed," the hostess says. "The rabbit's a bit rude, but the wolf and human are nice."

      "Mmm," the waitress says. "Well, they can wait, I have orders that need delivery."

      The hostess nods and leaves. She pours two cold glasses of water and gets a two small cups, one for hot water and the other for green tea leaves. Plain tea leaves, no water. Weird, the waitress said to herself.

        Loading editor
    • ("Diner
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      A diner is a small restaurant found predominantly in the Northeastern United States and Midwest, as well as in other parts of the US, Canada, and parts of Western Europe. Diners offer a wide range of foods, mostly American cuisine, a casual atmosphere, and, characteristically, a combination of booths served by a waitstaff and a long sit-down counter with direct service, in the smallest simply by a cook.
      Diners almost invariably serve American food such as hamburgers, french fries, club sandwiches, and other simple fare."

      I mean I understand that this one only serves pancakes, that's fine, but how could we possibly know??

      Plus, as often as I can tell, the waiter-tress giving out the food menus often also takes the food orders. Same goes for the drinks, and it's sometimes the same person. It's not "main characteritis", just our (or at least my) assumption given the little context we have been provided. Do you just wanna mess with us or... what?)

      Hugh simply stared at the table for a few seconds, before letting out a sigh and lean back into his seat. "Well, that's a little odd that they have different people serving food and drinks, but the place seems really nice on itself..." He smiled at the two sitting next to him and looked around. "The atmosphere is a lot warmer than outside, and that's great at least."

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    • "Life and Death? Together? Are you kidding me?" Mira asked, laughing. After taking a moment to let her laughter die down, she began to look around at the buildings they were passing.

      Suddenly she slowed down as a particular building caught her eye. It was a Novemist chapel, and she recognized the holy symbol of the scales over the door. "Hey Dark, is the chapel open? I haven't prayed in a long time..."

        Loading editor
    • Dark looks at the chapel. "Oh, yeah, I went there as a kid," Dark says. He looks up at the sky to get a sense of time. "Unless things have changed in the last two years, it should be open."

      As Sub, Hugh, and Raole talked their drinks were delivered by the hostess who then went back up to the front of the restaurant. As she did so, two Swordsmen Specialists entered, whom the hostess then brought to a table near the three Elementals. The Swordsmen were the ones assigned to keep an eye on Sub and Hugh.

        Loading editor
    • Hugh was still trying to remain as active as possible, despite his lack of strength. He lifted his head a little late to thank the waitress, but still spoke loud enough for her to hear before going. Doing so, he caught a glimpse of the Swordsmen when they entered, but didn't really pay that much of an attention. The rabbit then wrapped both his paws around the hot cup, and sighed again. "Aaaah, feels better already..."

        Loading editor
    • "Death?.." Fionn would echo quietly as he looks at Dark. As Mira begins laughing Fionn would lower his head slightly, failing to understand why she's laughing and opting not to add more to that subject out of fear of sounding like a fool. "A chapel? I've never really gone to one before.." He says holding his hands by his chest, one wrapped around the other as he turns to look at the building in awe.

      (Then it turns out that one of the swordsmen following Xil is a female cat anthro in heat and she all like "Damn, hey you mind if i bang that dude?" and her partner is like "Dude he's on our dangerous people watchilst you most deffinetly cannot bang him" :p But seriously, i dont know what to do with xil rn... Hmm, what time is it in the RP?)

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    • Sub noticed the swordsmen coming in and how they just happen to be seated near them, "I guess this is what they mean by 'watched closely', guess I need to try to not cause trouble" He noted in his thoughts before looking towards Hugh, raising an eyebrow as he drank his water.

        Loading editor
    • Hugh looked back, exchanging a long stare with the anthro wolf. The rabbit gave a short glance towards the swordsmen, but said or thought nothing precise. He simply kept the cup in one paw, and picked up a single leaf of tea, before starting to chew it. He then said casually, still looking at Sub: "That's an old habit that had my mom, chewing on green tea leaves..."

        Loading editor
    • Raole picked his cup of water and drank it all in one go. "Aah... I was really needing that." He then looked at Hugh and Sub noticing the awkward atmosphere between them. "Hey, everything alright guys? You two are pretty quiet."

        Loading editor
    • (Spec how are we quiet if Hugh just spoke? Just kidding, I got what you meant :p)

      Hugh looked at Raole, smiling softly. "Oh! I just think Sylvan is a little intrigued by me chewing on leaves, but I guess it's only an habit of our k... erm... I mean, my family." He said, blushing for just a second and letting out a sigh, that only served to cool down the steam coming from the cup the rabbit was holding. The human didn't need to know about the swordsmen, as they were only two, which meant one for himself, and the other for Sylvan. "Ain't this place rather nice, after all?"

        Loading editor
    • (Silly Parabun, I was talking in the sense of... You know, not being as talkative as they would normally because they are being watched, wink wink. Maybe I should have chosen another world but I couldnt find a better one derp.)

        Loading editor
    • "Yeah, that's mostly it, I find it to be a bit odd, but I won't question it" He told Raole before responding to Hugh. "Well, let's just say the atmosphere was cozy.... at first."

        Loading editor
    • (It is now 5pm in the DS world. Evening.)

      The waitress walks up to the group of three's table. "Hello. Have you all decided what you'd like to eat?" she asks them, paper and pen in hand to write their orders down.

        Loading editor
    • Raole looks at the waitress. "Oh yes miss, I will have some plain pancakes please."

        Loading editor
    • "I'll just have 4 plates of plain pancakes" He realized how tiring it would get after the first two pancakes "With honey too."

        Loading editor
    • Hugh's ears perked up as the anthro feline approached. "Yes, good afternoon miss!" He first said, trying to be more polite than with the other hostess. "I've seen you have oat and banana pancakes, may I have two of these, please?" He smiled but was watching over to the table near theirs, just to take a longer look at the swordsmen.

        Loading editor
    • "Yes, of course, I'll get those to you as soon as possible," the waitress says, writing down the orders. "Yours will come a plate at a time," she says to Sub before leaving.

      One of the Swordsmen, a male orange tabby cat, noticed Hugh's watching of them and stared back at him through his mask. The other, a human male, followed his partner's gaze to Hugh. After the two stared at him for good ten seconds they went back to their conversation.

        Loading editor
    • Xil would continue walking around, asking for directions to the mail office twice, he'd walk inside once he found it. "Hey so, I need to mail this right now to Hideston, got any birds avalible right now?" He says calmly as he holds a bag on his left hand and places his right arm on the counter, resting his head on his fist as he leans on the counter.

        Loading editor
    • The person behind the counter, a male human with a dark skin tone, took a look at the bag and then back up to Xil. "I'm sorry, pigeon delivery is only for telegrams; emergency mail," the man says. "We could send it by person if you wish, but that'll take about a week."

        Loading editor
    • The rabbit quickly acknowledged the feline traits of the first swordsman, and simply lowered his gaze after they returned to their inaudible chat. Hugh nodded slightly, thinking to himself: "They are really alert, from what it seems..." He then shrugged and looked at Sylvan. "... Four plates? And here I thought I was hungry!" he chuckled.

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    • "Oh, uhm... Would you like to come in with me? I'll only be a few minutes," Mira offered, looking at Dark, Fionn, and Wisp in turn.

      Oda stood on the rooftops of Harknest, alert for all possible eyes that could be on them. The last thing they needed was to be caught by one of the Swordsmen that police the city. They were going to head back to Whitley's shortly, but sunset would be very soon, and they wanted to appreciate it. Besides, traveling several miles across the city would be safer under the cover of night.
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    • "Can I really? I've never been in a chapel before and I'd hate to trouble you with explanations.." Fion would say as he looks at his hands and plays nervously with his fingers.

      Xil would stand up straight as he crosses his arms and rubs his temples with his right hand. "If I wanted to wait a week for this just to get there I wouldn't have asked for a bird." He answers in a slightly annoyed tone.

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    • "Well, I am larger, it's clear that I need much more food." He said giving Hugh a playful shrug.

        Loading editor
    • Hugh nodded at Sub, actually sizing him up just before adding. "That's true that you're a tall wolf one, I don't believe anyone is bigger than you..." His voice trailed off, as the rabbit stared at his cup. "... Maybe just Wisp, that dragon guy... Damn, and here I thought my family was tall..." He said, looking aside to Raole.

        Loading editor
    • Raole noticed Hugh looking at him and immediately spoke. "Don't look at me, I am probably the smallest of all of us here."

        Loading editor
    • "Oh, it won't be trouble I'm sure," Dark says to Fionn.

      "Well, sorry sir, but that's the best we can do," the person says.

      (We interrupt this program to bring you conversation between unimportant characters!)

      The door to Fletcher's opened and in came two feline men and one human man. One of the felines and the human seemed to be a bit tipsy, them walking together with their arms locked around each other, but the second feline looked sober.

      "Oh! You're back! How were the matches?" the hostess asks.

      "The-" the sober feline starts to say as he walks toward the hostess.

      "Amazing! So skillful! Like watching a dance!" the human says loudly, which the tipsy feline nodded in agreement with. The two Swordsmen look back at the door to watch the conversation.

      The sober feline kisses the hostess on the cheek. "What he said," he says, chuckling, "Semi-Finals matches are always great."

      "Oh, I wish I could've gone," the hostess says.

      A waitress, not the same one who took Sub, Hugh, and Raole's orders, comes out from the kitchen and notices the group by the door. "You're back!" she shouts and runs up to them. "Who's going to finals?! Sam?"

      The tipsy feline started laughing. "Sam was smoked! Didn't even get a hit in!" he says drunkenly. "You goin to pay me yet, Bart?"

      "Yeah yeah, pay ya t'morrow," the human says disappointedly.

      "Really?! Sam lost!" the hostess says in disbelief.

      "He's been the champion for years!" the waitress says in a similar fashion. "Didn't even get a hit in..."

      "Yeah, that Maria is really something," the sober feline says.

      "Yeah, 'really somethin'! I say she's cheatin!" the humans says. "How can a rookie beat the champion without gettin hit?!"

      "Oh blow off," the tipsy feline says. "You lost the bet, get over it!"

      "What about the other match? Who's Maria fighting?" the hostess asks.

      "That Gravus guy," the sober feline says. "That style of his is awkward to work around. Reverse blade... Don't see that often in the tournament, not this far in at least."

      "Most of em lose in the first round. Don't know what they're doin," the tipsy feline says.

      "Juliet Harss did a whole tournament like that," the waitress says. "Wasn't even her main style, but she did it. Girl was the best I've ever seen."

      "Yeah, but she was a Harss! Of course she was great!" the human says.

      "I wouldn't go saying that, her brothers were dreadful! Don't you remember Ivan fighting the champions when he was leader? Barely'd get a hit in before he'd lost!" the waitress says.

      "Yeah well," the human says.

      "How bout a table?" the sober feline says. "These two could use some food to go with the alcohol they drank."

      "Yeah! Pancakes on me!" the typsy feline says.

      "Of course," the hostess says. "Come on, boys." She leads them to a table where they sat and talked about the matches.

      The waitress went back into the kitchen, and from there could be heard loud talking, presumably her telling the other staff about what was just talked about.

      The two Swordsmen turn back around and begin talking to each other again.

      (This waitress is the mother of the hostess and the other waitress. The sober feline is dating the hostess. In case you wanted to know the relationships of these unimportant characters :D

      TL;DR There's a tournament going on, Gravus and Maria are going to the finals, more details can be found by asking your local waitress.)

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    • Hugh's ears perked up as he heard the oh-so familiar name being spoken, and he immediately turned to Sub just to be sure he wasn't the only one to have caught the glimpse of conversation about Juliet Harss. He narrowed his eyes, questioning the wolf in silence.

        Loading editor
    • Sub raised an eyebrow, confused as to what Hugh is trying to imply. "Uhh..." He said trying to break the awkwardness. "Sorry, am I missing something?"

        Loading editor
    • Hugh chuckled and blinked in disbelief. "Y... You are serious?" His paws were shaking a bit, the rabbit kind frustrated he would have to speak it out, as if it was a forbidden thing to say: "Harss.", and here he said it. "They just mentioned Harss, Sylvan. Doesn't it ring a bell?"

        Loading editor
    • "I ignored most of their conversation, I already overhear too many different things at once in these types of places, so I just learn to ignore a lot of things. If they did mention Harss, what exactly is the big deal? It's just Dark's family name, I think, it might just be a relative or it might just be something different." He said

        Loading editor
    • "I know! But he never really said anything about his family, and I was so surprised they are pretty well known here..." The rabbit thought for a moment, after speaking excitedly. "Now, though... this town might not be called Harkness for nothing, it's like..." Hugh brought his paws together and booped his index fingers together over his cup of hot water. "... like Harss and Dark put together. You think they founded this city?"

        Loading editor
    • (Harknest* )

        Loading editor
    • "Its not Harkness Hugh, its Harknest." Raole speaks up to correct the rabbit.

      (Lel Para I think its more realistic when the characters make mistakes like these :p)

        Loading editor
    • (It was a typo (sorry AYFFR)! ;O; But let's roll with it then I guess :p)

      Hugh coughed slightly, his face turning a quick shade of pink as he heard he had misspelled the city's name. "OhdearI'msosorry" He let out in a breath, before his ears perked up again. "Though, that just makes Harss, plus Dark plus nest, which really sounds like his family comes from here..." He finished, engulfing three tea leaves at once just to keep his mouth shut.

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    • "Of course," Mira assured the wolf. "Just keep quiet, and wait until we're outside to ask any questions." With a smile, she turned and went up to the doors of the chapel. She pulled the door open, happy to find them unlocked, and then slipped in.

      Once inside, she felt an uneasy chill as she looked around, and noticed that the decor was not what she was used to. This chapel was more like the one in Prince that she avoided. Astral Novemism, as opposed to Imperial.

      She let out a sigh, and decided that it was better to pray to a different branch than not at all. Though she wasn't happy about it, she walked up to one of the two small fountains at the front and used the water to draw the scales on the palms of both of her hands. After that she proceeded to one of the benches at the side, and sat down to pray.

      Oda shivered as a cold wind blew down from the mountains and across the rooftops of Harknest. They looked up, and realized it was starting to snow again. With another shiver, they got up to head back to Whitley's, abandoning watching the sunset. Traveling out in the open was preferable to freezing.

      On their way back, they caught a glimpse of a familiar coat of fur entering a post office, and realized that the group they had been after in Vile Root had arrived. Since the bounty had been dispelled, they figured it would be the honorable thing to do to let their fellow bounty hunter know, and they sat down to wait for the tiger to exit the building.

        Loading editor
    • Dark followed Mira inside. The place looked about the same as he remembered it.

      He did as Mira did but slightly different due to the differing traditions of the two branches. He then followed her to a bench and sat down, praying for the first time in a while.

      The Swordsmen Specialist spotted Oda up on the rooftops watching the postal office. She started making her way around the roofs to Oda's, looking back at them in case they made a move while at the same time looking back at the post office every once in a while.

        Loading editor
    • Fionn would nod and quietly follow Mira and Dark inside, he'd observe as they both walk up to the fountains. He'd try to memorize what Mira did but as Dark does something slightly different he'd grow confused and opt not to dip a single finger on the fountain, instead awkardly bowing at it before taking a sit next to Mira and Dark. He would quietly look around in clear awe at the appearance of the building, making sure not to disturb either of his companions.

      "Ugh, what a waste of time." Xil says, hanging the bag back on his belt as he continues to walk out of the building without even waiting for the man to add anything else. Once outside he'd stop for a moment. "Guess I better look around for another place to get this delivered.. But first.." He thinks as he looks to the sky and crosses his arms, clearly the cold starting to bother him. He'd simply start walking around looking for a clothing shop.

      (Ok two things, first off, Jaz, what exactly does this mean? "used the water to draw the scales on the palms of both of her hands" I dont really understand what you mean by "draw the scales".

      Secondly, aifru would there be a clothing shop near to xil?)

        Loading editor
    • (To answer the first, like dipping her finger in the water and drawing a scale with her finger on her palm. And Imperial Novemism is about balance and scales balance so yeah

      to answer the second,

      Xil is in the Government District, between the wealthy and Swordsmen district. Next to the government is a Market District. That is where a clothing shop would be.)

        Loading editor
    • "HarssDarkNest? What?" Sub said, confused by Hugh's explanation. "I think you meant Harss plus nest, but judging from the name, it's not named after whoever the Harss was, it's probably named after this "Hark" thing, I've read somewhere that it's a bird native to here but I could be wrong."

        Loading editor
    • "Ha-rkeu-nes... Wait what?" The rabbit stopped his ridiculous and exaggerated pronunciation of the city's name, and frowned. "That... Actually sounds interesting... Perhaps we could ask the people here how was this city founded? Just to be sure, and since we are here..." He asked softly, emptying his little cup. He would probably ask for another one as soon as the waitress would come back, since he hadn't finished his tea leaves yet.

        Loading editor
    • (Once Sp3ct and Ogs reply the waitress will come by with first plates :D)

        Loading editor
    • "If Dark was here, we could ask him directly." He said taking a sip of water.

        Loading editor
    • "I'm so hungry... I wonder when the food will be ready..." Raole mutters.

        Loading editor
    • At that point, the waitress who had taken the groups order came out of the kitchen with three plates of pancakes. She came around to their table and place each plate in front of the correct person who ordered it. "Enjoy your food, and if you'd like anything more please do ask," she says as she gives them each a set of utensils and sets a pint of syrup on the table.

        Loading editor
    • "Thank you ma'am, damn I'm starving, this is going to taste good." Raole picks the utensils and prepares to eat but before he takes a bite he looks at the waitress. "Actually, I have a question, what is this tournament people are talking about?" He asks.

        Loading editor
    • "Oh, well, it's just some silly sword tournament we hold every year to honor the Swordsmen," the waitress says, holding the tray she carried all the things on down in front of her thighs. "My family fusses over it every year when they host. I don't care much about it, but since you showed interest, it's held in the outskirts of Harknest, finals are tomorrow afternoon. That all?"

        Loading editor
    • "Yes, thank you for the information ma'am." Raole says as he starts eating his pancakes.

      (Fuckin happy now?)

        Loading editor
    • "Also, is the town named Harknest because of the bird or because of the Harss?" He asked the waitress while he pours syrup on his pancakes.

        Loading editor
    • "Oh, because of the hark of course," the waitress answers. "The Harss Family has nothing to do with it."

        Loading editor
    • "Ooooh, I thought so, but thanks for the information and the clearing!" Hugh said, nodding his head and rubbing his paws in anticipation for the food he had in front of him. He then stopped and asked her: "Actually, may I ask for another cup of water, please?"

        Loading editor
    • "Yes of course," the waitress says, grabbing the empty glass and walking away from the table.

        Loading editor
    • "Thank you very much!" The rabbit said, before starting to eat what was on his plate. Hugh was using small, quick bites, making a pause in between each just to look up and let out soft sighs of relief. His hunger was finally disappearing, and in a more than pleasant way.

        Loading editor
    • Sub ate half of his pancake in one bite before eating the rest as he swallowed the first.

        Loading editor
    • (Correction: The scales are important symbols in both Imperial and Astral Novemism. That's why Mira saw them on the outside of the chapel. They are, however, way more important to Imperial than Astral.

      As for why I had her do that, it's a practice that I adapted from the catholic church where you draw the symbol of the cross on your forehead with holy water upon entering a church.)

      After a while of praying, Mira quietly stood, and went to the doors. She would wait for both Fionn and Dark to join her before exiting out onto the street.

      Oda let out a sigh when they realized they'd been spotted. This was exactly why they had wanted to travel at night. Unfortunately, they now had to lose a Swordsman, instead of just avoiding them. This task was significantly more difficult.

      They slipped behind the chimney of the house they were on, purposefully breaking line of sight. They crouched low, jumped across to the next building, hit the wall lightly, and dropped into the streets below, hiding amongst the people heading home from work.

      They looked around, and spotted Xil wandering around and looking at the storefronts. Not forgetting their earlier decision, they made their way over to him. When they were close enough they knew that they could be heard, they spoke, "Mon chéri, we need to speak."

        Loading editor
    • Dark finished his praying as well and stood, walking to the door.

      Oda had slipped behind the chimney as the Swordsmen was looking down at the door to the postal office. When they looked back up again they noted Oda's disappearance. They wouldn't bother trying to look for them, their mission being to follow Xil, not some masked person.

      They looked back at the postal office, then looking around the area, as he could've possibly slipped out as she was watching Oda. He had, and she spotted him looking at storefronts, as well as Oda approaching them. "Convenient," she said to herself.

        Loading editor
    • As Mira and Dark get up and exit Fionn would follow suit, making sure not to bump into anything as he does. He would wait Attentively without a word behind the two, waiting for them to exit first or sign him to exit.

      "Is that so?" Xil would answer without looking back at Oda, continuing to browse storefronts.

      (To be honest i had thought that by "Scales" you meant like, dragon scales or something and that was what confused me most.)

        Loading editor
    • (AYFFR can I get my cup back soon pls? :3c )

        Loading editor
    • (Was kinda hopin your characters would have a small chat before she came back, since ya know the thing they all were talkin about was answered and so they might want to discuss it's answers and all that :P

      plus I mean the cups not that pertinent that it has to be brought back right away :PPP )

        Loading editor
    • (Appar(a)ently nah, but okay x) )

      Hugh spoke up, in between two bites of his deliciously flavoured pancake. "Mnh, by the way, how much time are we staying in Harknest?" the rabbit asked, adressing his question to the two sitting around him.

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    • (Oh yeah. Fair enough. English is stupid. Homonyms are stupid.)

      When the other two were at the door, Mira pushed it open, and walked out. She let out a breath she hadn't realized she had been holding in.

      "It concerns the bounty you're after," Oda explained. "We are also being watched." With that, they turned and started walking towards Whitley's, allowing Xil to follow if he wanted.

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    • Fionn would exit as well. "I hope I wasnt disrespectful.." He says as he nervously plays with his fingers.

      Xil would calmly turn towards Oda's direction pretending it was simply as if he was going that way coincidentally. "Ah so thats who you are." Xil says, thinking it over for a moment. "I suspected I would be followed, the weirdos who run this place seemed to have it against me since I got here. I wasnt really concerned about it though since I ain't plannin' to waste time here though if you wanna loose whoever is following us, I hope you got a plan, I aint exactly the kind that blends in easily in a crowd y'know?" He adds, accepting Oda's invite.

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    • "Don't worry about it," Dark says. "Only nuts would think your presence was disrespectful. They'd also think my presence was disrespectful, so yeah, don't worry."

      "There it is!" Sarah would call out, pointing at Anderson Manor. The Manor was one of two in the vicinity, the other being Harss Manor. Anderson Manor appeared to be made out of the same material as Harss Manor, rin wood with a stone base but had a different structure to it, Anderson Manor being a bit thinner and taller, having an extra floor, while Harss Manor was a bit fatter and shorter. The Manor was surrounded by a fence, the gate of which leading into a path with a large garden at its start that goes up to the Manor's front door. In the garden was a semi-plump female lynx anthro sitting on a bench.

      "Indeed, luv," Zoe says, walking up to the gate where two white masked Swordsmen stood guard. She pulled out her black Swordsmen mask and showed it to the guards, who proceeded to open the gates. She looked back at June and Sarah. "Come along."

      The waitress walks by the group of three's table and drops off Hugh's water before going off to other tables.

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    • "No idea, I think we're supposed to wait for Dark to finish whichever business he has but I have no idea what he's doing, we can only guess how long it takes." He responded while he drank his water to wash down the pancakes.

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    • "Well, I was probably the most disrespectful one in there," Mira said. "Imperial and Astral Novemists don't usually get along." She cast a glance at Dark.

      "I noticed," Was all that Oda offered by way of conversation. They proceeded through the streets, taking care to use alleys where possible, and avoid any Swordsmen. As they walked, they informed Xil on the dropped bounty.

      "Lovely," June said, drinking in the front of the manor. She glanced warily at the swordsmen guards as she passed between them, and made sure she kept a respectful posture and distance.

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    • "Oh, wow," Dark says, slightly surprised by Mira being Imperial. "Yeah, you're fine, Fionn."

      As the group of three walked into the garden, the plump lynx noticed their presence and stood.

      "Elllooooo, Ms. Minty!" Sarah greets the lynx cheerfully.

      "Afternoon Ms. Sarah, Ms. Zoe, and..." the lynx presumably called Mint says, nodding to each person as she greeted them but stopping on June. "You are?"

      The fox Swordsmen continually followed the pair from the roofs, sometimes having a spot of trouble as they cut through alleys but managing to keep track of them somewhat. She figured, as the hooded figure had spotted her, that they were taking the tiger to Whitley's so as to not be watched, which made it a bit easier to keep track of them.

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    • "Say.. Um.. May I ask why you both did the thing with the fountain differently?" Fionn would say tilting his head slightly. 

      Xil would follow Oda closely but wearily. "The bounty was dropped?.." He says, stopping to think for a moment. "And how can I know you aint just telling me that to get me out of the way? Heck how for all I know you could be leadin' me into a trap right now." He'd say to Oda but still walk along in spite of his suggestion.

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    • Hugh shrugged slightly and dropped the tea leaves in the hot cup, after thanking the waitress once again. "I don't know, but maybe we might stay long enough to go see that tournament, tomorrow after noon." He said softly, looking at Raole. "If you are willing to watch it with us..."

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    • "That's an Astral chapel," Mira explained. "Dark is an Astral Novemist. I, on the other hand, am an Imperial Novemist. Two distinctly different, but very similar religions."

      "June Alenger, pleased to meet you," the large woman said, bowing slightly in 'Ms. Minty' 's direction. "Zoe invited me."

      "I'm taking you to the black market. Other bounty hunters there will confirm what I've told you." Getting annoyed by the constant presence of the fox tracking them, they decided to take extra measures to evade. They started testing the doorknobs of houses with dark windows as they passed by them in alleys.

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    • Raole swallowed the bit of pancake he was eating. "Of course Hugh. This tournament seems interesting, and that way we will at least be doing something."

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    • "Pleasure to meet you as well, Ms. June," Mint says, bowing back to June. "I assume she had. I'm Mint Lyrix. Now, if you'd excuse me, I should probably work on dinner, seeing as we have guests," Mint says, bowing again and walking away toward the Manor.

      "Ms. Minty is the Anderson's chef!" Sarah explains the obvious to June. "She cooks alllll the meals! Though sometimes she gets help from Mr. Charles."

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    • Hugh smiled again, and spoke up: "And before then, I shall get myself a scarf! I haven't taken any before I left home, and I realize now it's been quite a mistake..." He chuckled, taking another bite of the thick pancake. "I had no idea it would get as snowy as in the plains here, in this area of Entherstia." The rabbit says calmly, puffing up his white neck fluff with a light shrug.

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    • "Oh.. What about Ale, can people pray to Ale here too?" Fionn would answer in return.

      "Tell ya what, I'll take you up on that and see where this goes but, if anyone tries anythin' funny I'll brake your neck, sounds good?" He says rather casually with a slight smirk on his face as he continues to follow Oda.

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    • Mira's face dropped in momentary confusion before she remembered the human religion. "I don't think so. You would want to go to an Alephen temple for that. There should be one somewhere in Harknest, right Dark?"

      "Well isn't that nice?" June said, but her voice carried a note of worry in it.

      "You wouldn't be able to catch me," Oda replied matter of factly.

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    • "Yeah, there is," Dark says. "My friend Jura went there. It's somewhere in the northern districts."

      Zoe thoughts diverted to food for a couple seconds, though she snapped out of it as June spoke. "Oh, indeed yes, luv. Why don't we head inside? Lighten our load a bit?"

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    • "Oh." Fionn lets out as he looks around, almost as if looking for the northern districts as if he was going to find the chapel right away. 

      "Yeah, its not like I almost caught you once before." Xil adds with sarcasm to spare. 

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    • Mira noticed Fionn looking around, and realized she was as lost as him. "So what district are we in right now?" she asked Dark.

      June nodded, and followed Zoe.

      "I was at a disadvantage," Oda replied, "the girl was slow."

      Deep in an alley, where they wouldn't be seen by the swordsman above, they found a door unlocked, and quickly slipped inside. The lamps were all dark, and the house was empty. They stood in a small kitchen and dining room. The oven was left open and empty. On the far wall were two doors. They walked over to each of the doors and carefully checked behind them, making a mental map of the building.

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    • "Uh," Dark says, turning his head around to survey the area. "I... believe we are in the Jewel District."

      As they got up to the door, two people showed up, one a human female and the other a fennec fox male. "Would you like some help with those things, Ms. Acker?" the human asked.

      "Oh, yes please," Zoe says. The human walked down the steps and grabbed Zoe's things. "Thank you, Amara."

      "No trouble," Amara replies. "Jave, come and help."

      "Yes, ma'am," Jave, the fox anthro, replied. He came down the steps and walked up to June. "Need some 'elp with that?"

      The Swordsmen at some point had lost Oda and Xil. They dropped to the alleys below and attempted to search on foot but she knew it'd be no good. She decided just to head over to Whitley's and watch the place, it being the most likely place for people of these sorts to go to.

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    • "I.. Uhmm... Excuse me but, perhaps we should move along? I mean, if anyone is waiting for you I'd hate to keep them waiting.." Fionn adds rather shyly.

      Xil would roll his eyes at Oda's excuse and continue to follow, walking sneakily as to not get caught. "So are we getting there soon? I don't know if y'noticed but I'm not really dressed for this weather, you kinda got to me before I could get a coat for myself." 

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    • "Technically, no. The person who has the stuff I am here for isn't back til tomorrow," Dark says. "But if we want to have dinner then we should probably get to the house soon so that they know to make enough for us."

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    • Mira didn't say anything further, and merely followed Dark. She kept looking around as they walked to get some indication of direction, but kept coming up short. All she saw was a few road signs, but they meant nothing to her.

      "I'll be- er... Sure," June said, handing her bag over after a moment of hesitation.

      "You have fur. You'll survive," Oda replied, returning to the door they came through and turning the lock. "For now, we're trying to lose this Swordsman, which means staying put. Check around this house for a coat if you need one so badly."

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    • "Okay so now we're in the..." Dark says as they are walking. "Hunter District... which is government stuff," he says as he looks to his left and sees the court hall. "So the Christine District should be coming up soon..."

      Jave takes the bags and walks up the stairs.

      "Come along," Amara says, then turns and walks into the manor. Once inside one would be in a hall leading up to a fork, the right way leading to the kitchen and dining hall while the left leads to the living room and library. The path also leads to a staircase, leading up to the second floor.

      Zoe and Sarah follow Amara.

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    • (Last reply for a couple weeks. Going on vacation, and won't be replying... Like at all.)

      Wisp had waited outside the chapel while the others went in because he wouldn't fit, and he's non-religious, like most dragons.

      "How many districts are there?" Mira asked.

      June followed along silently, taking in the atmosphere.

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    • (Awe, have a nice vacation, Jaz! :) )

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    • "Around fifteen," Dark says, "They're all named after notable people in Harknest history. Hunter Anderson founded Harknest and Christine Nric... I think she helped evacuate civilians to safety during the Battle of Harknest."

      Amara led up the stairs, which led into a hall with multiple doors. She walked them to two rooms. "Zoe, this one is for you and your sister. It's exactly as you left it. And Ms..." Amara says.

      "June," Zoe chimes in.

      "Ah, Ms. June, your room is right here, to the right of the Acker's."

      (and that is my last reply til jaz comes back. yay two weeks without being able to reply...)

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    • Raole takes the last piece of pancake into his mouth and finishes his food. "Mhm, I am full right now, that was delicious. What about you guys? Enjoying the food?"

        Loading editor
    • "I did for a atleast 5 seconds, I'm still hungry however." Sub said jokingly. "Atleast it's not as snowy as it is further north, I would still prefer no snow at all however." He commented 

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    • (Okay now this is my last reply til jaz comes back)

      The waitress comes by and places Sub's second plate of food on the table, then leaves.

      Melanie and her squad were sitting in a familiar tea shop in Vile Root. Mel and Damien sat at their own table while the rest of the squad conversed with each other. “So,” Melanie says, holding a cup of tea in her hand.

      “So,” Damien says, stirring his tea with a spoon. “We have some leads.”

      “Assumptions you mean,” Melanie says. “They’re not for sure.”

      “They’re the best we’ve got,” Damien says. “We can’t go anywhere without that info, and going with the info won’t impede us greatly if we’re wrong.”

      “True,” Melanie says, sipping her tea. “So, we go forward under the assumption that the Swordsmen Vigilante and Imposter are the same person.”

      “Excellent,” Damien says, placing his spoon down and sipping his tea. “I suggest we check the archives for incidents of a group’s target being killed.”

      “I agree,” Melanie says. “We need to know how far back this rabbit hole goes. Pun intended,” she states, smiling.

      Damien partially rolls his eyes and nods. “Right. I’ll inform the others of the plan,” he says, getting up before Melanie grabs his hand to stop him.

      “Don’t,” Melanie says. “We’ll give a full debriefing at wherever we sleep tonight. They don’t need to know now.”

      “Oh yes, of course,” Damien says, sitting back down. The two start talking of other matters

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    • Fionn would follow along listening closely, he'd look around as they walk his tail wagging slightly each time they pass a sign. "Say um... Is there anything we should bring or do before we get there? I mean, I don't visit people's houses often, I'm not really sure what I should do.." He'd ask.

      "Jealous much?" Xil adds, clearly just messing with Oda. Xil would look around trying to find some kind of coat or cloak. "Maybe you should look for one too, it'll be easier to loose that weirdo if we don't look like what they're lookin' for." He'd add as he continues looking around.

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    • Hugh hadn't yet finished his first pancake. "Mmmmh, it's a delight, really!" He said out loud, smiling at the two, before turning a little to Sub. "I mean, we have about as much snow in our West, but if only I had known that, I would have gotten a bag with new clothes... I wasn't really prepared for such an adventure with you guys."

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    • "Thank you," June said with a bow before taking a look inside the room.

      Oda remained silent for a moment, considering what Xil had said. With a noise of acknowledgement they left the kitchen and went into the hallway, where there was a closet by the front door of the house. They began rooting through it for something that would fit, and eventually chose a wine colored woman's coat with a fur-rimmed hood.

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    • "No, you don't have to bring or do anything," Dark says. "You only usually bring stuff for like parties or whatever.

      Jave follows June into the room. The room is of a medium size. There is a bed up against the wall farthest from the door, the bed having red blankets to match the room's color. On the wall left of the bed was a window and a wardrobe, and right of the bed was a nightstand. Opposite of the bed was a wing chair, which looked soft to sit on. Next to the chair was a small table. "Where would'j'ya like the bags, ma'am?"

      Sarah and Zoe entered their room, it being pretty much the same as June's except for the paint being purple. Another difference was that there were things around the place, such as a book on the nightstand titled "Purposefully In Love" and a doll sitting in the wing chair, which Sarah immediately walked toward and started playing with. Amara walked in with the Acker sister's and set their things at the foot of the purple blanketed bed. "Will that be all, Miss?"

      "When will dinner be ready, luv?" Zoe asks.

      "Well, Mint has just gotten the cooks about and is starting now, so in about an hour and a half I'd guess."

      "Thank you, luv. That will be all," Zoe says.

      Amara bowed and left the room, closing it behind her.

      "Well, Sarah, how abouts we go and get a bite to eat at Whitley's?" Zoe suggests.

      Sarah looked up from her playing. "But, Amara said that dinner will be ready soon."

      "Yes, well, I'm starving," Zoe says. "It won't be much, we won't spoil our dinner."

      "Hmm. Okay!" Sarah says, getting up from her playing.

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    • "Oh.. So um.. What should I do once we get there then?.." Fionn would continue to ask.

      Xil would look around in the closet, taking his damn sweet time as he does. After looking in it for a while he'd grab a rather plain dark brown cloak, throwing it on as he takes it out. "I guess this will do for now." He says as he puts up the hood.

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    • "You don't have to do anything specific," Dark says, shrugging. "You're just visiting a place and staying there for a bit. Long as you don't break anything you're fine."

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    • "What about helping out with housework?" Mira asked. "I know it's not a common human practice, but considering the feline population in this city..."

      June exhaled slowly. "Just on the floor by the door is fine," she said carefully. As soon as Jave was done, she exited and waited in the hallway for Zoe and Sarah.

      "It's small," Oda remarked plainly, noticing that the shoulders sat awkwardly on the tiger's, and if he tried to button it closed it would completely restrict his arms.

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    • "Although, one thing I wonder," as he ate half his pancake in a bite. "How did we all end up like this?" He asked Hugh.

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    • "Well I cant exactly give you a correct answer as to how we ended up like this... Maybe it was destiny..." Raole said with a pondering tone in his voice. "or maybe it was just coincidence. Who knows."

        Loading editor
    • "Oh! I can definetly do that!" Fionn would say happily to the two.

      "What? Pshh no way, this is how its supposed to be, I mean, just look at it." Xil says, raising his arms a bit to display the cloak. "This is the finest garment you'll ever see. Don't you know anything about fashion?" He finishes, clearly joking around as he displays the small ragged cloak.

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    • "Well, I mean..." Dark would start to say, but then thinking better of it and stopping. "Yeah, I'm sure Charles and the rest would love the help."

      The Acker Sister's leave their room to join June in the hall. The Anderson's overly fed cat had walked by the rooms, which prompted Sarah to spot it. "Kitty!" she says as she pounces on it, holding it and petting it.

      "Ello luv, supper will be ready in an hour or so," Zoe informs. "Would ya fancy a bite to eat with us beforehand? I know a place we could go."

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    • ("This is the finest garment you'll ever see. And it's wearing this cloak." Xil omg)

      Hugh couldn't help but nod in agreement, after Raole's comment. "Definitely Destiny. We've been chosen by the forces, as I believe there are." He smiled and pulled his pocket watch to make it sit on the wooden table, hopefully away from the tabby cat swordsman's view. He simply stared at it for a few seconds, then looked back at Sub. "There are a lot of things we might never be able to explain, and I started questioning myself why should we even try to. We have a mission and I'm intended to complete it."

      "You remember that ol' guy in Hideston? It was a bat... I think?" The rabbit added lower, mumbling to himself for the last part.

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    • "Cooking, cleaning, or both?" Mira asked.

      "Food before food? Certainly," June answered with a hearty laugh. She watched Sarah manhandle the cat for a moment before crouching down and holding her hand out to it.

      Oda had no obvious reaction to the joke. They simply walked back to the kitchen, and opened the door out into the alley. "We should be able to leave now."

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    • Sub shivered a bit at the thought of that bat."Please don't remind me, I would like to forget that encounter." He said as he ate the rest of his pancake.

        Loading editor
    • Hugh finished his own plate as well. "You know, it's actually the most interesting encounter we've had yet. He explained the kind of forces we will be fighting against," the rabbit said, "And at least, even if... he wasn't really clear about it, it still answers the 'why have we been gathered'."

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    • "Hmm.. Well, I'm not really very good at cooking, I think it would be best if I helped with cleaning up." Fionn would answer to Mira's question with a slightly bemused expression on his face.

      "Right, lead the way." Xil would answer covering himself up as best he can with the cloak as he get ready to exit behind Oda.

      (Bemused: 1. bewildered or confused. 2. lost in thought; preoccupied. 3. mildly amused, especially in a detached way.

      In this case #2 would be the best fitting option.)

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    • "Cleaning won't be the biggest issue, but you can certainly help if you'd like," Dark says.

      Sarah would notice June's gesture to the cat and let go of it. It would mostly ignore June, using its newfound freedom to walk away from the three.

      "Don't take it purrsonaly, luv," Zoe would say to June. "Moby doesn't usually like receiving attention. Takes on its owners purrsonality."

      "Bye kitty!" Sarah says, smiling widely and waving to Moby as it walks away.

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    • "A bat?" Raole asks curiously looking at both and noticing the wolf getting slightly uncomfortable at the mention of such character. "Why do you want to forget Sub? And what kind of forces did he mentioned?"

        Loading editor
    • Hugh looked straight at Raole, surprised from the question, before letting out a squeak and looking pretty sorry. "Oh my, I'm sorry!" he said quickly, "I forgot to explain myself, we've met quite an interesting fellow back in Hideston, a really thin looking and mysteriously acting..." he looked at Sylvan as if he was kind of asking for a confirmation. "... man?"

      Hugh marked a pause in his speech, and continued lower: "Well anyway he explained us who we were, and what was supposed to be our mission. There's a person we must stop, her name is Darkness. I don't know much about her but she might definitely be a sinister lady, and she's roaming this world in order to bring chaos and well... darkness."

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    • When Hugh, looked for a confirmation, Sub opened his mouth a bit, raised a finger before dropping his hand in silence from the confusion he also had.

      As Hugh finished his speech, Sub talked, a bit intrigued. "She...... they? Uhhhh. The bat did not mention any of that to me, all they did was flirt and make me rather uncomfortable. Why didn't you mention this to everyone else?"

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    • Hugh gave a shrug that was just as confused as the wolf's expression; Adrear really was ambiguous person. "I..." The rabbit's face turned red as he suddenly acknowledged that fact, and how he really didn't assume his role to share that event. "I... There was Mira, Lexi and even One Eye, I recall b-but... I guess I forget to keep you, Falaos and Max in touch about that..." He lowered his head and ears from embarrassment.

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    • "Interesting information... I must find a way to report this back or at least get someone to do it for me." Raole thinks deeply. "If what they said is true, 'who they were' and their 'mission' then it is my responsability to not let them out of my sight. I must stay with them at all cost." He then breaks out of his thought.

      "If you don't mind me asking, what was this bat persons name?" Raole asks.

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    • "Well I can certainly help out in the kitchen," Mira said happily. "I love to cook, and I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself."

      "Moby is a smart boy, then," June observed. "Too much attention and love can actually be bad for a cat."

      Oda pushed the door open, and cast a cautious glance to the rooftops. When they were satisfied that they were not being watched, they pulled their new coat's hood up, and started walking towards Whitley's once more. They did not wait to make sure Xil was following.

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    • "What about you Dark?" Fionn would ask.

      Xil would follow Oda putting on the hood as well. He'd be rather quiet, mostly just focusing on not ripping apart the cloak.

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    • "What about me what?" Dark would ask. "Cooking? Terrible. Charles tried teaching me and I couldn't do anything right."

      "Huh, never knew," Zoe says, following the cat with her eyes as it headed for the stairs. "I know too much food can be bad for em. But, Nat's sister didn't believe that and, well, now..." Zoe says, referring to the cat's size. "Anywho, food. I'm starved."

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    • Hugh thought for a short moment. "I think their name was... Arear or something, I don't think it's the right way you pronounce it though..." Hugh said, giving a little shrug and a smile. Raole breaking the silence yet had brought the rabbit's curiosity. "You know them, since you're asking?"

        Loading editor
    • Sub snickered a bit at how Hugh pronounced the bat's name, trying his best not to completely burst out into laughter. 

        Loading editor
    • Raole took a bit of time to process what Hugh said. "Arear? Thats... Hmm..." He paused for a bit. "No Im pretty sure I would remember if someone had such an 'unique' name."

      "But just in case I better keep it in mind." He thought.

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    • "Mmmh..." The rabbit gave another glance at Sub, and definitely acknowledged his refrained hilarity. "Now, again, this might not be right, but I don't know much more about that fellow... Why do you ask, anyway?"

        Loading editor
    • "Oh I was just curious thats all." Raole quickly answers with a smile.

        Loading editor
    • "You keep mentioning this Charles, but you never actually told us who he is," Mira pointed out.

      "I share the sentiment. Let's get going," June replied, waiting for Zoe to take the lead.

      Walking to Whitleys took some time, during which Oda was entirely silent, simply leading the way, and occasionally raking the rooftops with their eyes to make sure they had no followers. By the time the two were at the pub's door, the sky was dark, and the only illumination on the streets came from torches and candles in peoples' homes.

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    • "Oh, yeah," Dark says, scratching the back of his neck. "Charles is my family's butler. He's been in that position since before the first Connor Harss' death."

      "Come along, Sarah," Zoe says as she starts to lead.

      "Okay!" Sarah says.

      As the trio walks down the stairs toward the main hall and the front doors, Natalie comes enters the house. "Oh, hello."

      "Nat!" Sarah says.

      "I didn't think you'd be home so early," Zoe says, walking up to Natalie.

      "Being an Elite with no one to protect has its benefits. I'm sure you can attest to that," Natalie says. She looks past Zoe at June. "Why hello. June, wasn't it?"

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    • Hugh seemed to believe the human, and turned to Sub, frowning and crossing his arms while his thin whiskers would move upwards. "What's making you laugh so much now, Sylvan?" he asked, a playful tune in his voice while the rabbit narrowed his eyes at the wolf.

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    • "Oh.. I see." Fionn would say, he'd start walking a bit slower, almost af if he meant to drop out of the conversation.

      Xil would follow Oda all the way to the pub, seemingly more wary as it gets dark, his ears would be folded back and he would seem to be too focused on being aware of his surroundings to be making silly quips. 

        Loading editor
    • Sub tried his best to regain his composure before speaking. "It's just... pfft.. the way you pronounced it... pffft... a rear " he said before holding his breath and letting out a sharp exhale. "Sorry, my humour is not the most mature thing in the world." He said, smiling a bit.

        Loading editor
    • Hugh let out a chuckle as well. "Oh pffft!" He waved his paw in front of him, a light blush appearing on his cheeks as he did. "I-I didn't mean to, I just can't remember his name..." The rabbit said, giggling once again, and then sipping a bit of now barely temperate water. It had been a considerable time since the trio stepped into Fletcher's Diner, and the night was starting to fall already.

        Loading editor
    • (It is now 5:45 pm in the DS world)

      The waitress brought around Sub's third plate of pancakes.

        Loading editor
    • "But speaking of Liam or One-eye, what even happened to him?" Sub said, as he took another bite of pancake, only 1/3rd of it this time. "He was with us for the first carriage ride but after that, he disappeared." He said. "Hopefully we meet his sibling or something." He muttered under his breath, knowing what that would actually signify.

        Loading editor
    • Hugh's face lost all color, and seemingly turned into a terrified look, as he stared at Sub. "Y... You don't mean... We would know if something had happened, right?" He asked the wolf, putting his now empty cup down with a shaking paw.

      (help I have no idea if I should 'check' in time or just guess at this point :/)

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    • "You have a butler?" Mira asked, her jaw dropping. "Just how rich are you guys?

      "Yes. Pleasure to meet you, Miss... Nat?" June replied, extending her hand for a handshake.

      Oda opened the front door of Whitley's, and entered. They immediately went to one of the empty tables off to the side.

      (If you would like to, Hugh can definitely look back in the watch, thinking about Liam, and it will show him his death. Would Hugh want to be sure, or leave it unknown?)

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    • "Well, we are of nobility," Dark says. At some point during the walk, the three had passed into the Wealthy District, passing by the larger houses as well as Anderson Manor. They were now approaching Harss Manor's gate, where two Swordsmen Guards stood. Dark walked up to the guards and pulled out his Swordsmen mask. One of the guards took it and turned it around, the inside of the mask being the proof of its legitimacy. The guard then handed it back to Dark. "Welcome home, sir."

      "Thank you," Dark says. "Though, no need to call me sir."

      "Of course, Connor," the Swordsman says. He and the other guard then open the gate, which Dark leads the four through.

      "Natalie," Nat starts. "Anderson. I assume Zoe invited you? She didn't inform me a plus one would be visiting."

      "To be fair, luv, I never inform you of my plus ones," Zoe says.

      "Indeed," Natalie says. "Most of them have a habit of only staying an hour and leaving disheveled."

      At this time Whitley's was full, many patrons having come back from the tournament fights to spend their winnings or waste more money after having lost their bets. The patrons were of a mixed variety, mostly cat and human like most of Harknest but the place was more diverse than Harknest, humans and felines only outweighing the others by a low margin.

      The pub seating was mainly booths, three rows, one up against the wall right of the door and the other two parallel to it and close together, separated by a short wall. Past the walls was a space where tables were, circle tables with four chairs at each. The counter, or bar, left of the door and parallel with the booths, had chairs at them for patrons to sit at if they wanted to get personal with Whitley, who was currently talking with some guy who had a hook for a hand. Behind the counter was a closed door leading into the kitchen. To the left of the counter was a set of stairs leading to the Pub's rooms. Waitresses walked around the place, delivering drinks and food to the tendees.

      There is an open booth against the right wall of the pub.

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    • Fionn would seem to shrink with every word dark says, lowering his head. As they reach the gate he would stand behind Mira, almost as if hiding shyly. As the gates are open and Dark leads them inside, he would bow at the guards before retaking his place behind Mira and keeping a low profile. 

      Xil would take off the hood as he walks inside, following oda and sitting next to them, as he sits down he'd loosen up the cloak, wearing it more like a short cape. "So, shall we get down to buisness or are we just stoppin' for a drink?"

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    • (I'm thinking about Hugh going and see the truth, then hide it from the others, so once Cardinal and Sp3c will answer...)

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    • "It would be like Max and Falaos's case where they just straight up left, but both of them told us." He said while taking another bite of his pancake. "He could be finding another dark alley to lurk in and he could be in between a rock and a hard place." He said the last bit almost jokingly.

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    • "Yeah its true, I havent seen him for a while now. He wasn't exactly the most friendly guy but I wonder where he is." Raole says.

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    • Hugh couldn't help but feel curious yet afraid to check his pocket watch. He lost track of what Sylvan and Raole said, and took the golden item out of his pocket. Turning the view away from the two, the rabbit clicked it open and stared blankly at the dial.

      Blurry dark clouds were making it hard to decipher what had happened to the Earth Elemental, but the last thing Hugh saw left him completely horrified, despite he should have been used to this sight of people being crushed by boulders at this point. The large, shadowy figure that disappeared after killing Liam left no doubt on who -or what- had done this, and Hugh thankfully just had the time to close the locket before seeing the first drop of blood.

      The stomach upside down, a knot in the middle of his throat, the rabbit opened his mouth to speak. "I-I... couldn't see him an-" He gulped his own lie down. "... -Anywhere, he's disappeared."

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    • Raole however was able to notice Hugh's stuttering and gave the rabbit a suspicious look. "Is everything alright?"

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    • "Mnh... Y-Yeah, I'm just feeling stressed for all these people that have been disappearing from my sight..." The rabbit tried to explain, closing his ticking locket and putting it back in his pocket.

      "Anyway... we shouldn't worry too much, he's probably better than with us... Just sad we couldn't exchange goodbyes." The rabbit finished with a soft sigh, and a bitter taste in his mouth that no tea could have washed down.

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    • Mira noticed Fionn's change in behaviour, and slowed her steps to match his pace. "Are you alright, Ayfy?" she asked, quietly enough that only those actively listening to her would hear.

      June looked at Zoe with a half-bewildered, half-impressed look. "I take it you have lots of stories," she said after getting over her initial shock.

      "This is the place," Oda said, sitting down at the empty table. "But if you want to get a drink, go right ahead."

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    • Fionn would look at Mira though keeping his head low. "I just.. I didn't realize dark was so.. Important. And I've been acting so inappropiately around him.." He would mutter lowly as he nervously plays with his fingers.

      "Right, maybe after you give me the details, I wanna make sure I hear this clearly. I might wanna get drunk afterwards depending on what you tell me so I guess this is kinda convinient." Xil would answer as he takes a quick look of the place.

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    • Dark would lead the three through the garden, not hearing Fionn's muttering.

      "I do," Zoe would say, chuckling and slightly blushing. "Though for another time, luv. And other company," she says, tilting her head at Sarah.

      Natalie nods. "So, where are you all off to?" she asks. "Dinner's on the way, isn't it?"

      "Hour and a half," Zoe mutters.

      "We're gonna go get food before food!" Sarah says excitedly.

      "I see," Natalie says, eyeing Zoe. "I hope you don't plan on spoiling your appetite. We're having ham for dinner."

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    • "I had no idea either," Mira admitted, "But I don't think it matters. If it really bothered him, he wouldn't be inviting us to his house."

      "I'll make sure she doesn't eat too much," June promised. "Cross my heart."

      "Very well," Oda started. "Essentially, the bounty on the masked scoundrel and all of his accomplices was lifted. Something about the bail being paid. I've never heard of bail for someone not yet in prison, but that seems to be what happened. If that is indeed what you were after, you'd better start looking for more work, because even if you were to deliver, you wouldn't get paid for your troubles."

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    • "But um.. Don't you think anyone here would get upset if they saw me being so.. Impolite?" Fionn would inquire in a whisper as he discretely scans his surroundings with a gentle gaze.

      Xil would cross his arms as he seems to think over Oda's commentary, he'd start tapping his foot lightly for a moment before speaking up. "Yeah, no, sorry, I aint buyin' it, that sounds absolutely ridiculous and, no offense but I don't quite trust ya. You did say there was some solid proof here so, I'd like to see it cause otherwise this is too ridiculous to believe."

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    • "I think you'll be fine," Mira reassured. "I'm more likely to do something unwelcome than you."

      "Very well. Speak to my informant, Redhorn over there was also following that bounty."

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    • Sub is a bit suspicious of Hugh's sudden change in tone, while he has some idea on what actually happened, he decided to not press further since Hugh most likely wouldn't want to talk about it. He finished his 3rd pancake. 

      "Knowing him, he probably doesn't even want to say goodbye in the first place. But what is the plan after Dark gets his business over with?"

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    • Fionn would think it over for a moment. "O-ok..." He'd say with a slight warm smile yet still some worry in his eyes.

      "Hmm. Fine." Xil would say before getting up and walking up to the person Oda directed him to. " Hey, got a minute?" 

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    • Dark had led the three up to the door at this point. "Alright," he'd say, then slowly walking up to the door. He reached his hand out to knock, hesitating for a second before following through with the action. A few seconds later the door was opened, a female feline anthro being at the door. The sound of a piano could be heard coming from behind the anthro. "Good evening, may I hel-" the anthro said before being cut off.

      "Who are you?" Dark asks the feline.

      "Well, I'm Apple Ziel. The Harss' Family's Butler," Apple replies.

      "Butler? Where's Charles?" Dark asks, before looking past Apple into the manor. "Charles!"

      "Sir, could you please quiet down. You are being rude, and I'd rather not have to have you escorted off the premises," Apple says, glaring at him.

      "What is ever the matter?" Charles asks sternly, walking up to the doorway holding a plate with a tea kettle and some tea cups.

      Apple turns to Charles, leaving a view of Dark. "I'm sorry, sir, this man was being rude and I wa-"

      "Charles!" Dark interrupts.

      "Master Connor! What a surprise, we didn't expect you home so soon," Charles says, his face brightening at the sight of the young Harss.

      Apple's eyes go wide. "M-m-master?!" she says, realization setting in. She turns to Dark and bows her. "I'm terribly sorry, Master Connor. I had no idea..."

      "It's fine," Dark says, scratching the back of his head. "I don't really care about formalities."

      "Don't get so upset over it, Ziel, you didn't know the boy," Charles says, smiling at her. "Why don't you bring this tea to Master Erin?" he suggests, handing the plate over to her. "And fetch Violet and Maribelle if you would."

      "Of course..." Apple says, taking the plate and walking into the other room.

      "Sorry about her, she's still in training," Charles says, shaking his head. He looks at Dark and then at the other three behind him. "Why don't you all come in?"

      Natalie looks June up and down judgingly. "Right... Well, I'd better come along anyhow, just in case," she says, looking back at Zoe.

      "Of course, luv," Zoe says, smiling at Natalie. "We'd be happy for you to join us."

      "Yeah!" Sarah agrees. "It'll be fun!"

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    • Hugh shook his head a bit and shrugged. "I honestly don't know, but hopefully we'll quickly run back to Tailos, because I believe that is where we have to go, and I also think Fionn has something to do there, as well. It'll hopefully be over with soon, I don't know what's gonna happen with that old lady." He admitted, and looked at the wolf. The rabbit frowned slightly, and started scratching his ears for a bit.

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    • Wisp shuffled awkwardly near the back of the group. He peered at the door; it was probably going to be a tight fit for him. And he wasn't even that big! Everyone else in this group (except for Sub... and Xil... was there anyone else?) was just so small. It made him feel even clumsier than usual.

      Feeling self-conscious, he tucked his wings and tail in tight and waited for everyone else to go in first.

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    • Mira stood around awkwardly for the exchange between Dark and Apple. When they were invited inside, she smiles appreciatively at Charles.

      "The more the merrier," June chimed in, happily making room for Nat to join the group.

      Hmph," Redhorn snorted as Xil approached him. "What'cha need, friend?" he asked.

      Oda does things...

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    • Fionn would stand there seemingly unaffected by the exchange between Dark and Apple, standing there in silence and not looking at anyone in the eyes. Clearly the better butler of the three. As Charles invites them in he would bow and continue to follow Mira.

      "Basically, I've been followin this bounty for 'The masked scoundrel' and my 'friend' over there," Xil says, taking a moment to vaguely point at Oda, realizing they are already talking to someone else. "Says that the bounty has been dropped because 'someone payed the bail' and I believe you'll understand why I'm having a hard time believing that Right?" He finishes, clearly expecting the guy to laugh at him or something of the sort.

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    • Apple came back out of the room on the left with an empty tray and was followed by two maids, one a plump female human with blonde hair and brown eyes, Maribelle, and the other a thin human female with red hair and blue eyes, Violet. Apple continued on toward the kitchen while Avory and Violet stopped. "Maribelle, Violet, start preparing dinner. We have a larger than expected amount of people to feed. I'll come assist later."

      "Yes sir," the two say, and then proceeded to follow the path Apple had gone. Violet looked back at Dark and waved, Dark waving back.

      Charles turns back to the group. "Right then, let's get you all roomed. Come along," Charles says, turning and starting to lead the group down the portrait-lined hallway toward the stairs.

      Dark would branch off from the others. "Just follow Charles. See you guys in a bit," he'd say as he left them, and walked into the living room. In the living room was a fireplace, a few couches around the place, a grand piano, and a personal library. The piano was currently being played by a thin old woman, with long gray hair in a braid. Dark listened silently.

      "Good," Natalie says, smiling a bit. "So, where are we off to?"

      "I was thinking Whitley's..." Zoe says.

      "Too far, too shady, and likely too full," Natalie says.

      "What about The Lively Wok? They're good!" Sarah suggests.

      "Noodles," Zoe says to June, stating what the restaurant serves.

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    • Mira opened her mouth to complain, but quickly shut it. She put her head down and just followed like she was supposed to.

      "Noodles sound interesting. Those are sort of like... strings of dough in a soup, right?" June asked.

      "Oh yeah, shame about that one," the dragon said, shaking his head, and clicking his tongue. Scraps of velvet threatened to shake off of his horns. "It's true, though. Well, at first we heard that it was taken down mysteriously." He paused, and took a drink. "Then we got informed... Ask any bounty hunter here and to the south. The story's the same: some crazy rich bat payed bail."

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    • Fionn would follow along quietly without question.

      Xil would scratch his head for a moment, then answer to the dragon. "Damn, well I guess this bounty was just bad all the way through, Y'know, I almost had the guy, but then he just got crushed by a boulder over night, in Fresillia." He'd pause to let the dragon take it in. "There's something weird going on with those guys.." He'd add with a thoughtful expression on his face.

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    • Raole just stood silent slumped on the chair having an internal monologue with himself. "This Arear, I wonder if my mistress knows who this person is... And about the rabbit's reaction... Something definetly must have happened to that Liam guy besides disappearing, I don't buy his excuse for a second, but no matter, there are more important matters to deal with."

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    • Dark looked around the living room. Alicia's portrait still hung above the fireplace next to Rebecca Harss', and the line of portraits continued to the right of the fireplace into the library area and reaching the door into the hall.

      He moved his attention back to the woman. "Grandmother," Dark would say over the piano playing, startling the woman, who stopped and turned to Dark. Her face lit up, and she stood and walked over to Dark, hugging him. Dark hugged back.

      The woman was Erin Capulet, Dark's grandmother. She stepped back after the hug and looked Dark up and down, inspecting what's changed in the two years Dark's been gone. She didn't notice the leg at first, Dark having covered it up with his pants, but due to not wearing a boot over it she noticed it upon a second glance. After noticing it she looked Dark in the eye with a saddened expression.

      "What is it? The leg?" Dark asks, prompting Erin to nod. "That's a... long story. Why don't we sit down?" he suggests. Erin nods and moves back over to the piano, a small table containing her plate and the tea. She moved them to the coffee table in front of the couch and then sat on it, Dark sitting next to her. He then proceeded to give an abridged version of his two year journey.

      Charles would continue leading the three up to the rooms.

      "Basically," Natalie answers June. She looks down the hall toward the kitchen. "I'll meet you three at the gate. I'm going to inform Amara of our leave," she adds, then heading down the hall.

      "Let's go!" Sarah says, skipping toward the door, Zoe in tow.

      The waitress brought Sub's final plate over and then stopped at the table. "Is there anything else you'd like?"

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    • "No thanks, we're good." He said as he gets ready to eat the last pancake. He looked at the still saddened Hugh. "Everything alright?" He asked.

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    • (I assume Raole got the name Adrear from the fact that the Adrears are an influential bat family?)

      Mira eventually started looking at the paintings that lined the walls. Portraits of felines that looked related to each other. She wondered why Dark would have those in his house.

      "Wonderful," June replied, following along.

      "Frankly, I don't care that something weird is happening. If I'm not getting paid to stick my beak in it, I won't." Krysos looked down at his empty glass, then at the several others that were on the table. He started neatly arranging them in rows. "Anything else I can help you with, friend?"

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    • (Balls, I confused myself with something while I was writing that reply, let me fix that.)

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    • Hugh simply smiled at the young woman, who had been answered by Sub already. He didn't need to add anything else, as he was already getting the idea of leaving the diner and explore the city. He then resumed his grooming before being interrupted by Sub again, which made the rabbit's eyes flutter in tired surprise.

      "Oh, erm, yeah... I just-" Hugh wanted to speak but couldn't find the words, so he'd collect his thoughts for a couple seconds before speaking again. "... I'm feeling like we're exploring more than doing anything against that old lady. We're not losing time, either, I believe!" He lowered his ears behind his back. "Collecting our forces is important, but training or gathering information is, too." He said. "And it might be hard to do the latter, as nothing seems the be abnormal in the province..."

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    • Fionn would follow, keeping his sight headed forward and slightly downwards and clearly avoiding looking at any of the decoration.

      "Uh, nah, thanks, I lost quite some money chasing this dead end of a bounty so I'm not really feeling up to taking another just yet, plus I met this girl and I wanna see if that goes somewhere, anyway thanks for the info, I think I'm gonna go look for a place to spend the night." Xil would say to the dragon, getting ready to head out as he finishes speaking.

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    • They were now at the top of the stairs, and Charles continued leading through the door into the hall and to the right wing of rooms. "We have three rooms open in this wing. Here," Charles says, opening the first door on the left side of the wing into a white and pink room, "Here," he adds, opening the second door on the right side into a red room, "and here," he says, walking down toward the end of the hall and opening the door into a white and pink room. He then steps to the side of that door, in front of another door which was unopened but led into Erin's room. "Master Connor's room is the first door on the right side of the wing, so you'll all be settled close by. I'll remain here in case you need assistance."

      "Ahem," the waitress says, not having left the table during Hugh and Sub's talk of Darkness. "Your bill is $72," she'd say once she caught their attention.

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    • Sub decided to pay in change instead of platinum coins since the excess amount he got from paying exclusively in platinum coins was starting to fill his pouch. He placed 1 lead, 12 gold and 2 silvers on the table. "I think that's about right." He said.

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    • Hugh just sat by, keeping his mouth shut until the waitress would take the money from Sub.

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    • After a moment of consideration, Mira decided on the pink room on the left side, by the hall closet. "Thank you," she said to Charles, as she ducked her head in the door and looked around.

      "This pub offers places, if you're looking to stay undercover for a while," Krysos suggested before Xil left.

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    • Meanwhile Raole continued his train of thought. "Maybe I could send a letter to inform the others or at least to one of them to pass on the message..."

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    • (Since it seems it'll be a while before I can reply with everyone.)

      The waitress takes the money and bows. "Thank you for coming," she says, before standing back and walking toward the kitchen.

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    • Before the waitress went back to the kitchen, Hugh nodded at her and smiled. "Everything was fine, thank you very much!" The rabbit said, before turning to the two other peeps, and ask them: "So, what are the plans now?"

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    • "We either book a room now for later or I get myself some new clothes, whichever you prefer." He said, standing up, getting ready to head out.

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    • Wisp shyly murmured his thanks to Charles, then shuffled down the hallway to the room at the end of the hall. It looked the largest, from what he could see through the doorways... and, well, it looked the most out of the way, too.

      Once he was inside the room, Wisp softly shut the door behind him and slumped onto the bed. All this socializing lately, even when he was only hovering on the fringes of the group without really contributing, was a lot more than he was used to.

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    • Fionn would have waited patiently until Mira and Wisp chose their rooms, then he'd look at the remaining room and back at Charles. "Uhmm, I suppose I'll take that one if thats ok, Umm, th-thank you." He'd say bowing at the butler, clearly not used to recieving such treatment. Fionn would walk towards the room and enter, He'd stand in the center of the room and simply look around in awe at the details in the room. 

      "Right, thanks, I'll still take a look around town, there's something I'd like to replace." Xil would say as he lightly tugs the raggedy small cloak he's wearing. He would continue heading to the exit, throwing a glance at Oda and nodding as if to thank them before he exits the bulding.

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    • Each room had a bed, a wardrobe with doors on top for hanging things and drawers under that, a plush chair that matched the rooms color palette, a laundry hamper, a trash receptacle, and a painting over the bed. Mira's room had a painting of various pink and white flowers, Fionn's room had a picture of fruit, mostly consisting of apples, and Wisp's room had a picture of a sunset.

      Charles would reply to each thank you with you're welcome and then proceed back downstairs, though stopping at the end of the wing. "You are free to explore the manor if you wish, just be sure to not touch the portraits. Washrooms are upstairs to the right, second door on the left and down in the library," he says, then continuing on his way to the kitchen.

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    • After committing Charles' instructions to memory, Mira stepped into her room. As she went further into it, she noticed an odd energy in the air. Intrigued, she went further in and found that the interference was emanating from the right wall. She sat down on the side of the bed and stared at the wall, trying to figure it out.

      Oda was too preoccupied going over the details of the bounty to notice the nod of appreciation.

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    • Hugh put his paws on the wooden table and shoved himself up onto his feet, letting out a happy sigh. "Ah, I'd rather be sure of where I'm sleeping tonight, so I vote for the booking before the shopping!", he said.

        Loading editor
    • Raole having heard the wolf and the rabbit talk, snapped out of his thought. "I agree with Hugh, it will be better if we get a place to sleep tonight first." He said getting up from the chair and looking at Sub.

        Loading editor
    • "Then off we go!" The rabbit said cheerfully, and moved to exit by the door. He glanced back towards the kitchen and if one of tenants was to be in sight, Hugh would wave slightly, nod, then throw a 'thank you for everything!' across the room, before turning to leave. He would surely wait for Sylvan to exit first, as he was the closest to the door, and the one who also asked to go first.

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    • After looking around for a bit Fionn would seem uncomfortable, he'd eventually simply sit down on the floor at the foot of the bed, hugging his legs and resting his head on his knees, his tail curled on his left side. He wouldn't seem to mind having left his door slightly ajar.

      Xil would head out of the pub, discarding the cloak as soon as he exits and tidying himself a bit. After asking for some directions he would continue to walk to the market district south of Withley's Pub and simply browse around for a while.

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    • Sub exited the diner first, looking at the inn that was across the street. "Nest's tree huh? Weird name." He thought "The inn is right across the street, that's much better than last time."

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    • Hugh, as if he had the same thought as Sub, chuckled and joked out loud. "Well, that'd be one inn I'd root for tonight, and sleep like a log! Haha!" As if it wasn't enough, the rabbit had voluntarily made these two horrible jokes and seemed proud of it, looking alternatively at the wolf and the human, eagerly waiting for a laugh from any of them.

      (Help they are terrible :') )

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    • Raole followed Sub and Hugh out of the diner and as soon as he heard the rabbit say those puns, he cried a bit inside. "Those were so horrible... I hate puns." However on the outside Raole merely acknowledged them. "Puns." He simply said with a neutral expression.

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    • "And now I'm here," Dark says, finishing the story. He wiped his eyes, them having become watery as he told it. Erin looked at him with a saddened expression. "And after I'm done here, I don't know what's next."

      After a minute of silence, Dark stood up. "I should go... check on how they're settling in," he says. Erin nodded and watched him leave the room. She then stood and walked over to the door where a shelflike stand with ropes was and pulled on the one that had the label 'Kitchen' under it, then walked back to the piano and started playing again.

      Dark walked upstairs to the right wing and went into his room. It was just as he had left it two years ago, though cleaner. He placed his bag on the floor, looked around the room for a bit, then left. He walked across the hall to the room opposite, Mira's, and stops at the door frame. "Hey," he says to her. He raised an eyebrow as he noticed what she was doing.

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    • Sub coughed a bit and did a half smile. "Not the best, but not worse I've heard." He said looking away from Hugh.

        Loading editor
    • Hugh clapped his hands in childish happiness. "Hehe, that's good enough to me!" He said out loud, before moving closer to the inn's door, and searched around to check if anything was to be seen inside, from where the group was.

        Loading editor
    • "Sub heard worse puns? Poor bastard." Raole thought as he got closer to the rabbit. "What are you looking for Hugh?" He asked.

        Loading editor
    • Mira jumped up in surprise when Dark spoke, having not realized he was there. "Oh! Hey, Dark," she said once she recognized him.

        Loading editor
    • "Something wrong with the wall?" Dark asks sarcastically.

      A calico cat walks into Fionn's open room. It sits in front of Fionn and meows at him. (It's an actual cat not an anthro)

      The inn lobby was quite large. In the far right corner was the entrance to the hall of rooms, which was behind the counter where a human female stood. There were two small tables with couches surrounding them, one being to the left of the counter and the other being closer to the door. There was another larger table up against the left wall with a plush chair on either side of it. A chandelier hanged from the ceiling. A hark head was mounted over the couches to the left of the counter.

      (TL;DR iz a fancy place)

        Loading editor
    • "Yeah there's this... This weird feeling I'm getting off of it. What's behind it?" Mira asked, returning her gaze to the same spot on the wall she had been looking at before.

        Loading editor
    • "Looks fancy enough!" Hugh said out loud, taking off his face from the door's window, before turning to Raole, and approach his hand from the door itself. "I... Well, was just looking if anyone was inside," he said softly, shrugging a little bit. "And, also, if it seemed like a nice place to stay in before having to step inside." the rabbit added with a smile.

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    • Fionn would look at the cat after it mews. "Oh, um.. Hi there.." He says to the cat, he'd look around for a moment as if making sure no one was around. "Is this your room?" He asks to the cat.

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    • Dark looks at the wall. "I don't know. I've never been in that room. It's been locked for as long as I can remember," Dark says. "And there is no other way into the room from what I can remember," he then looks up at the ceiling, where there was an odd platform like thing that surrounded the inner perimeter of the room large enough for a small animal to walk across, such as a cat. "None that I can fit into at least."

      The cat would meow again and then walk up to Fionn, rubbing themselves on his pants.

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    • "I just pick the closest place that seems reasonably comfortable. This fits most of the bill and looks fancy too." He said "Wanna book now or later?" He asked the other two.

        Loading editor
    • Hugh pushed the door slightly open and looked back at the wolf, "Of course, let's go!" he said before stepping in, his averted eyes gazing upon the fancy lobby. He whistled under his buck teeth, and made a few steps forwards. "Woooaaaah..."

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    • Fionn would gently pet the cat. "Youre not scared of me? Don't you think I might be dangerous?.." He'd say to the cat.

      Xil would eventually walk into a clothing store and browse around the coats, taking his time looking at them before picking one.

        Loading editor
    • Mira followed Dark's gaze to the ceiling. "Is there a hole up there or something?" she asked, standing up and craning her neck to try to look for one. She was much too short to have a chance of seeing anything though.

        Loading editor
    • "Yeah, but too small for either of us to fit in," Dark says, looking back down at Mira. "They're there for the cats."

      The cat would simply purr in response.

        Loading editor
    • Raole answered Sub right after Hugh. "Yes its better to get it reserved while we can." He said looking briefly at the wolf before following the rabbit in. Needless to say Raole was as impressed as Hugh but didn't show it as much. "Pretty nice." He said.

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    • "Well, obviously, but you wouldn't need to go through it to see what's on the other side, right? You could just look through the hole from this side and get an idea," Mira theorized.

        Loading editor
    • "I tried that when I was a kid. Broke my arm falling off the ladder," Dark says. He looks back up at the place the hole is and points at the molding. "The molding on both sides gets in the way. Makes it hard to get your face up to the hole on this side and can't really see down on the other."

      (For those confused, it's like this )

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    • "Oh..." Mira said, continuing to stare at the wall. "This might sound kind of stupid, but that wall feels like teleportation. Maybe that could work. I mean... I can't see inside so it might not, but it's just such a strong feeling."

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    • "Well, we better try. Otherwise, my rekindled interest in the room will be for nothing," Dark says, looking down at Mira and then looking to the wall upon realizing she was still looking at it. "I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult to teleport to, right?"

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    • "June taught me a few tricks to stabilize my teleportation," Mira said, looking back at Dark, sizing him up. "I think I should be able to teleport with you. I mean, I brought you into The Ring before, and you came out of that alright. Teleportation is a lot like that, just shorter, and moving."

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    • (Alright imma keep going)

      Hugh directly walked towards the counter. He hoped he'd catch the woman's attention before getting to it, smiling softly, walking quite fast past the first group of seats, near the door.

      The heat of the lobby was contrasting with the outside's coldness, which made the rabbit's cheeks taint with a soft shade of pink, very noticeable compared to the whiteness of his fur now. That sensation was made even stronger by the flavoured scent of flowers and cinnamon that was filling the place, and making Hugh's nose twitch on his way to the counter.

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    • Fionn would remain sitting on the floor and gently petting the cat. "Do you have a name? Mine is Aodhfionn.." Fionn would pause for a moment. "I kinda feel like I shouldnt be here.." He'd say to the cat.

      After a while Xil would pick out a long winter coat and hang it on his forearm, heading towards the shopkeep. He would place the coat in front of her. "How much for this one?" He'd ask coldly.

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    • "Right," Dark says, looking at Mira. "Just don't teleport us into a wall or anything. Wouldn't do us any good to be stuck in that."

      The cat would continue purring as it is petted.

      No one stood at the lobby counter, but a silver bell was sat on it with a note saying 'Ring for service'.

      The shopkeep, a female elderly human, had been sewing something as Xil approached. Her hair was tied back in a bun with pins sticking out of it. There were various colored fabrics on the counter. "What was that, sweety? I couldn't hear you over the bitterness in your tone," the woman says sassily as she sewed.

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    • Sub followed in, looking around the lobby and thinking about its emptiness. "Not as lively as I expected,"  He thought. As he looked at the bell, he light rang the bell and waited for someone to come.

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    • "Oh come on, I don't think there's really any chance of that," Mira said. "Here, I'm going to need some physical contact with you." She grabbed Dark's hand, and looked back at the wall. "Ready?"

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    • Fionn would turn slightly to his right just enough to lean entirely on the bed, being careful to not disturb the cat. After letting out a short sigh he would close his eyes for a moment, continuing to pet the cat if she didnt decide to leave.

      "First of, do not call me 'sweetie'. Secondly, if you don't give me a price now I'm assuming its free so, how much?" Xil would say clearly pissed off, throwing a menacing look at the old woman.

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    • Dark would look down at his hand when Mira grabbed it, and then grip hers. He'd look at the wall. "Ready."

      The cat would continue letting itself pet for a bit longer, then suddenly stop purring and looking up. It'd then spring onto the mattress of the bed, jump onto the headboard, jump to the wardrobe, and then jump up to the molding. It'd then walk across the molding in the direction of Wisp's room and disappear from view. If Wisp were to look up he'd be able to see the cat as it walked across his room and into the room next to him.

      "Coming!" the woman seen earlier would call. She'd walk out of an entryway next to the counter, not the same one to the rooms, and stand behind it. "How can I help?"

      "You can have it for free if you'd like, deary, though it would cost you," the old woman says, not looking up from her sewing. "I'm sure the Guards would like to know why you had stolen from sweet old Ms. Hendriks."

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    • Fionn would look at the cat as it goes away, once it dissapears from view he would just close his eyes again and lie there for a while.

      Xil would rub his forehead, clearly frustrated. "I literally just asked you for the price twice." He says in clear frustration. "Why does everyone in this stupid nutjob city have to make everything so complicated for absolutely no reason." He mutters as he continues to rub his forehead.  Xil would compose himself, he would glare at the woman dead in the eye. "I won't ask again, how much does this coat cost?" He'd finish, clearly not in the mood for any more chatter.

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