Tybalt Harss is the Head of Swordsmen Documentation in the Swordsmen.


Untrustworthy: Tybalt is the most untrustworthy of the three Harss siblings. He was labeled as a tattle tail by many as a child, as he'd always get his friends in trouble for small things. Tybalt's untrustworthiness led to his brother and sister never revealing secrets to him unless he needed to know. Though this is normal for Juliet as she never tells anyone anything, Ivan is usually known to let his family in on troubles. Despite his untrustworthiness, he was tasked with being the Head of Swordsmen Documentation, though it can be assumed that he worked toward this position due to his family leaving him in the dark most of the time.

Untruthful: Tybalt is known for telling small fibs and outright lying about things. He would always make up stories and tell them to other Swordsmen in an attempt to impress them, but his siblings would always shoot down these attempts at impressing others.

Coward: Tybalt can be a bit of a coward at times. When faced with a foe much more intimidating than he, he will most likely fail due to being too afraid of them. Juliet and Ivan were usually left to do most of the work during missions as Tybalt would always stay back away from the fight unless his sister forced him to fight, that is. This may be why Tybalt chose to be Head of Swordsmen Documentation as he would usually never have to be on the frontlines and would always be back in Harknest sorting documents.

Stern: Tybalt is often stern toward Swordsmen under him, usually being very serious even when lying. This ties into his untruthfulness, as usually, his lies will sound truthful due to how serious he tells them and they will believe him despite his reputation.

Rude: Tybalt can be known to be a bit rude toward others. This is seen in the way he treats his nephew, whom he dislikes, usually teasing him during their sword practice and rarely talking to him nicely, much to Ivan's displeasure. It can be assumed that Tybalt's rude behavior toward Dark is because of him and his sister's relationship.


  • Before Connor Harss the First committed suicide, he made an effort to give each of his children a piece of advice. Tybalt's advice was that to get away with lying, one must tie up any and all loose ends to avoid the truth being spilled.
  • Tybalt is named after the character Tybalt from Romeo and Juliet.
    • His weapon, Mercutio's Bane, is a reference to the fact that Tybalt killed Mercutio in the play.
  • Tybalt's cowardice nearly costed his brother's life during their battle with a hark, as he had ran away from the battle instead of saving his brother.
  • Tybalt is partially blind in his right eye due to Juliet having punched him in the eye and thus punching his glasses. The right lens broke and the shards went into his eye.
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