Basically, I am dropping ALL HAIL and replacing it with this, where I draw the Elementals genderbent.

This spawned out of chat.

Genderbent Names:

  • Dawn Harss (Dark Harss)
    • Dawn is a yandere, obsessed with her crush, Moss Tweedsley. She wants him all to herself, threatening those who come near him. Purrs when she thinks of Moss.
  • Moss Tweedsley (Momo Tweedsley)
    • Moss is oblivious of Dawn's yandereness, too naive to understand that she is crazy and obsessive. Otherwise, he's pretty much the same as Momo, just male.
  • Fionna Wolffe (Fionn Wolffe)
  • Sylvia Hectus (Sylvan Hectus)
  • Leia Jordan (Liam Jordan)
  • Hannah Brown (Hugh Brown)
  • Miles Taer (Mira Taer)
  • Falisha Johnathon (Falaos Johnathon)
  • Max Austin (May Austin)
  • May Crowcross (Max Crowcross)
  • Will'O'Wisp Haze (You should know who that is)
  • Ranya Thorzin (Raole Thorzin)