So, ever since I quit working I've been having fun and relaxing a lot and to be honest I have been unable to write music due to so many procrastination, looking at sp3c's post I realize that I too need to get my priorities in order and work towards writing music more often, I shall follow sp3c's example and take a week off, I will be checking into the RP ocasionally to avoid lagging behind on it or stopping it entirely but I will not be entering chat, unless of course I'm needed for some kind of emergency, in such cases feel free to leave a message on my wall or GH me and I'll try to get back to you ASAP.

Well, um, I'll do my best and I'll see you all soon, um, later guys!


Bronquitis thats who! (to answer the edit summary question)

Sorry guys, these first two days have been a total loss, I might have to take two extra days assuming I'll be feeling well enough tomorrow, dont worry ive started treatment already and it doesnt feel as bad as it did before so, hopefully this time it will go away faster and for good.