Yarrin is a Swordsmen protected city located next to a river North of the Aeboran Sea. The city is known for its high homeless population.


Not much is known of the city's beginnings, but what is known is how the Swordsmen came to protect the city. The city, as previously stated, is known for its high homeless population. The government chooses to ignore this problem, instead focusing on the upper class and their problems. This led The Organization of the Swordsmen to siege the city of Yarrin until they surrendered and let the Swordsmen take up the guard duties in Yarrin. When the Swordsmen take over was finished and the Swordsmen Outpost was built, they turned the outpost into a homeless shelter where people living on the streets could come and get food and get out of the cold. This may not have solved the issue, but is at least more than what Yarrin's government has done for them.


The city's appearance varies drastically depending on where you are. The upper-class area is nice and clean with large buildings, shops, and many other things you'd generally see in a city. However, visiting the lower-class area is a different story. The lower-class area is full of damaged houses for those lucky enough to afford them, and those unlucky are live in alleys and on the streets. The Swordsmen Outpost is located in the lower-class area.

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