Yumo is Momo's twin brother.

Appearance Edit

He is pictured as a white-haired boy with messy hair and purple eyes. He has fair white skin. He wears a black t-shirt that has a print saying "LEAVE ME ALONE" under a blue hoodie with the same look as Momo's. He wears pants and black shoes. According to people, he is very good-looking and handsome.

His second attire consists of a black long sleeved polo shirt under a sleeveless blue jacket. He has a white necktie around his collar. He wears dark blue pants and dark blue fingerless gloves. He wears black tennis shoes.

His third and final attire is the male version of Momo's current attire. He wears a white long sleeved shirt with two buttons loose, under a blue vest, with strings repeatedly tied to connect the two parts of the vest together. He wears black pants, with brown leather booths. He also wears a silver cross necklace.

Personality Edit

He is abnormally calm and cool, and he was able to adapt to the supernatural events easily for some unknown reason.

He is laidback and loves to sleep, even in the brink of death, where he actually survives. He hates taking part on important roles due to his laziness. Despite his laziness, he is forced to be responsible of household chores and house repairs around the Tweedsley Residence. This may be the cause why Momo doesn't know how to cook.

Another note seen on Yumo is his lack of social abilities and weakness when it comes to conversing with strangers. His introductions only include him saying his name, and asking the name of the latter, ending the conversation afterwards. There is no doubt that he tries to catch along with people, though others see him as a loner.

As a child, Yumo (along with Momo) suffered extreme separation anxiety whenever separated from his twin sister. He becomes paranoid and sulks in corners often trying to apologize over nothing, displaying his cowardness. This occurs when he doesn't hear Momo's voice nor sees her without exactly knowing where she is. This seemed to have disappeared as they grew up, where Yumo started to display coldness towards her.

Strengths Edit

Intelligence Edit

Yumo has passed more than the needed requirements in the family, despite his laidback and cool nature.

He is the next one who will handle the family's generation and institution in Macaria.

Combat Edit

Despite action, he is good at combat, although he says he isn't so he wouldn't be put up into fights because he hates working. He learned this by only watching his family do it.

Parkour Edit

This was his method of entrance in his first appearance. He hasn't pulled this off successfully much, since he thinks jumping and running are both exhausting.

Weaknesses Edit

Social Interaction Edit

Because of his love to spend time alone, he has grown a little introverted. He doesn't notice anyone who likes him, he becomes more careless about his surroundings, and he is not easily bothered by natural phenomena. He also seems to be horrible in introducing people nor introducing himself.

Relationships Edit

Momo Tweedsley Edit

His twin sister. He always gets into fights with her from simple conversations. He also acts like an older brother figure except of a twin brother figure to her.

Even though, they have good teamwork, to the extent that they say and act things at the same exact time. He also cares for her dearly.

Chira Tweedsley Edit

She is Yumo's cousin.

Adré Edit

Yumo's childhood friend and follows him mostly anywhere in their childhood, but were seperated when Adré moved to Stoneyard.

Red Edit

Yumo's childhood friend who pops out and appears in different random places in crucial moments. They were also separated when Red traveled to be a hunter.

Trivia Edit

  • His name's first syllable 優 or Yu is a Japanese name meaning "higher/superior", basically implying his actions of bossing Momo around and acting like a big brother.
  • He is basically younger than Momo.
  • Since Momo doesn't know how to cook and do home things and their parents are always not at home, it is strongly implied that Yumo is the one doing the chores in the Tweedsley household.
  • He is taller than Momo (Yumo: 5'5 or 167.64 cm and Momo: 5'4 or 162.56 cm). The reason for this is that Yumo sleeps most of the time, helping his height.
  • Yumo is one of the few minor male characters to not wield a permanent weapon. When asked what weapon he'd like, he would answer that he doesn't want or need any because it's too much work.
  • Unusually, he is the only male minor character that does not seem to be weirded out by supernatural phenomena. He quickly accepted the fact that his sister is an elemental, he's surrounded by elementals, along with the supernatural beasts, etc.
  • He has a habit of sleeping with something covering his face. He is easily bothered by the light.
  • His room is surprisingly filled with books and scientific objects, and most of his things have a connection to alchemy.
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