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Zoe is a member of the Elite Four in The Swordsmen and is a Time/ and Life- mage. She is also the 'sister' of Sarah Acker


Zoe isn't much of a serious person, usually making jokes when the time seems right, though when something is serious, she will be serious about it. She seems to have a wanting to learn more about her Elements, wanting to learn about them further than just what the Swordsmen books tell her. Although she is mostly interested in the Element of Time rather than Life. If she ever meets the Time Elemental, she will have many questions to ask them.


Zoe is a white female with green eyes and long brown hair. She wears a grey double breasted coat that she rolls the sleeves up on, showing off her purple long sleeved shirt she wears underneath, with black dress pants and dress shoes. She has purple Hunter's Marks that she hardly ever wears. During combat, she will remove her coat and tie her hair back in a ponytail, not wanting them to get in the way. She also has a two pocket watches, one she stole and the other she bought, that are kept in her inside jacket pocket. In the summer, she will wear a purple undershirt in place of her long-sleeved shirt.

Abilities and SkillsEdit


Zoe uses the supportive powers of her two elements.

Heal injuriesEdit

Zoe is able to heal others injuries with her powers, allowing them to get back into battle or whatever they were doing before their injury.

Time ManipulationEdit

Zoe is able to alter the flow of time for her and her allies. This usually comes in handy when the need to retreat arises, as they can easily escape before their opponents realize what is happening. She unlocked this ability when she nearly dropped a coin down a drain.


Aetrian StanceEdit

Because of Zoe's lack of a weapon, she tends to use martial arts as her main form of combat. The martial art she primarily uses is Aetrian Stance (essentially DS's version of Tae-Kwon-Do) which is a martial art that focuses on kicks, ranging from kicks directed at the head, jumping kicks, spinning kicks, etc. Because of the arts focus on kicks, the usage of narrow stances, which sacrifices stability, but this loss in stability is made up for in speed and agility. Zoe has been practicing Aetrian Stance ever since she joined the Swordsmen.


Zoe is a master pickpocket, having been pickpocketing since she discovered her Time powers at seven. She has gotten in trouble for pickpocketing many times while in the Swordsmen but has been given a 'second' chance every time due to her skill level. Adding in time distortion, she is able to pickpocket someone very fast and not get caught.


Zoe has a good understanding of medicine, having decided to be a medic when she joined the Swordsmen. She has shown to be quite capable at it, being able to nurse Dark back to health after his wolf encounter with both her medical knowledge and healing abilities and was able to keep Mrs. Anderson alive while she was sick, though she did eventually die.


Zoe was born to Aphrodite Acker, a homeless woman who had been earning money through prostitution, and Jackson Amherk, one of Aphrodite's 'clients'. At the age of three, her mother passed away, leaving Zoe orphaned. She was raised at that point on by other homeless people.

At the young age of seven, she discovered her control over time distortion when she had nearly dropped a coin down a drain that was going to feed her for the day, slowing down time around her and being able to catch the coin quickly. After trying to activate it many times afterward, she eventually discovered how to trigger it at will, and decided to use it to help her make more money than she got from begging. Pickpocketing.

At the age of eleven, Zoe made a mistake. She had been out getting money to pay for food that day and ended up pickpocketing Ivan Harss. But he didn't have the reaction that Zoe had thought he would have. She managed to almost get away due to her time powers, but Ivan had eventually caught her and instead of arresting her like any other Swordsmen would do, he brought her to the Swordsmen Outpost. There, she ate the most that she had had in years. Ivan afterward offered her a life-changing opportunity.

Ivan saw potential in her, having witnessed what he assumed was time distortion due to the child's speed at getting away, nearly outrunning him despite her short stature, and thought she'd be a good person to have in the Swordsmen. And so, he offered her a chance to join the Swordsmen, where she would have access to food every day and wouldn't have to live on the streets anymore. Zoe, of course, accepted, and she became the youngest Swordsmen to ever have joined at the age of eleven.

Of course, due to her age, she didn't go out on missions. Instead, she decided to train til she was ready to go out. She started learning more about her element and even developed the ability to use another, as well as learning hand-to-hand combat and medical training, as she had chosen to be a medic. At the age of fourteen, she was deemed old enough to go out on the field and was put into a squad with two fellow mages, Thalia Spencer and Natalie Anderson.


Sarah AckerEdit

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Zoe has said that she would sacrifice anything and everything for Sarah if need be.

Connor HarssEdit

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Zoe finds Dark to be fun to be around. She enjoys teasing him, especially about love interests, as evident by how she teased him at the Inn about him fancying Momo. They've been friends since Dark was young, her having babysat him during his younger years.

Momo TweedsleyEdit

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Ever since the carriage incident, Zoe has enjoyed teasing Momo about her apparent fancying of Dark. She also finds her a bit attractive.

Thalia SpencerEdit

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Zoe and Thalia have a weird friendship. They are pretty much opposite, Thalia being serious and stern and Zoe being fun loving and relaxed. The two somehow end up getting along.

Xil TigrisEdit

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To Zoe, Xil seems full of himself, thinking he is better than everyone else. Because of this, Zoe has taken it upon herself to bring him down a few pegs. She also thinks that he is way too easy and that he'll give away info after a simple bluff. At least he can make a joke out of some things and seems to care for Mira's well-being.

June AlengerEdit

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At first, Zoe didn't entirely trust June due to her allegiance to the The Coalition of Mages, and was only trying to make conversation with her to find out whether she was hostile. Through talking with her, however, she learned that June wasn't your typical crazy Coalition mage, and that she actually had a mind of her own and was willing to learn more than what the Coalition taught her. She also thinks that June is a good fighter.



  • Zoe has an Entherstian accent (British).
  • Zoe has a habit of bringing Sarah on missions, despite her not being a Swordsman and only being of age eight.
  • Zoe is bisexual.
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